Alice Marple Horvat blue alien looking over shoulder at camera
Alice Marple Horvat blue alien close-up
Alice Marple Horvat alien life form cowering from camera
Alice Marple Horvat close up of alien life form
Alice Marple Horvat woman in pink dress on street

Fashion Photography BA(Hons)

Key details
Penryn Campus
Course duration
3 years / 4 years
Full-time / Professional Placement
UCAS code
W641 / FY19 / PY23

Course overview

Our internationally published lecturers and renowned industry collaborators will support you to become a daring, contemporary fashion image maker. Exploring ideas around identity, body politics, wellbeing and the environment, you’ll learn to weave impactful visual stories using a range of photographic and film approaches, as well as experimenting with immersive technologies.  

Great fashion images are never made in isolation. So, you'll work closely with talent from across the creative industries. You'll collaborate with fashion designers, art directors, stylists, marketers and even game developers to build a visually arresting portfolio to take into industry. 

Why study this course at Falmouth?

  • Our guest speaker programme is next level. You’ll hear from world-leading practitioners, which have previously included Ben Weller (Photographer, British Vogue), Danny Reed (Fashion Director, The Face), Ewen Spencer (Photographer, Arena Homme+) and Mathew Whitehouse (Editor, The Face magazine) 
  • You’ll pitch your projects to industry experts and work on live briefs set by renowned industry contributors. Students have previously worked with Amy Gwatkin (Filmmaker/Photographer), Kyanisha Morgan (Fashion Stylist, Dazed Magazine) and Matthew Holroyd (Editor, Baron Magazine) 
  • Published by the likes of Acne Studios, Beauty Papers, i-D, Re-Edition, The Face and Vogue Hommes, staff have decades of commercial expertise and the contacts that go with it 
  • We’ll support you to explore both traditional and emerging approaches to image-making as you experiment with analogue photography, 3D modelling, VR, photogrammetry and more 

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Lead images: Alice Marple Horvat, Fashion Photography BA(Hons)

Alice's work reflects a passion for preserving our earth, looking after nature and saving animals: 'The safety of our planet and its inhabitants currently seems fragile and at risk. My concept explores Earth through the eyes of higher life forms who fled this planet to escape current issues of political and climatic crises. Curious of their forgotten origins, they return to find a devastated Earth.'

Styling: Lauren Honeysett, Fashion Styling & Art Direction BA(Hons)

Course details

Throughout this course, you’ll harness critical theory, creativity and technology to become a skilled, confident and original image maker. Working across film, photography and immersive technologies, you'll explore studio and location practices, high-end retouching, specialist editing techniques and fashion film. From catwalks to street style, we'll cover all areas of fashion. You'll learn about advertising campaigns, produce fashion imagery for clients, and create web-based work, fashion fanzines and designer lookbooks. 

Course study options 

You can gain your Fashion Photography BA(Hons) degree in three years or choose to add an Integrated Foundation Year and/or professional placement year. Discover the full course details for each study option, below. 

Get a feel for the course from award-winning graduate Torgeir Rorvik

Torgeir Rorvik's video Post was conceived in response to the Final Major Project brief set in year three.

Watch to see how Torgeir takes the concept of the metaverse's impact on future society, using new and traditional photographic practices, and produces a body of work in his book Post. Check our their interview to hear more:

Watch Torgeir's Ones to Watch interview

The best of fashion and photography

You’ll be embedded within a dedicated Fashion & Textiles space – working shoulder to shoulder with fashion designers, stylists, art directors and marketers to bring your projects to life. You’ll also have access to some of the best photographic facilities and equipment of any UK university through our Institute of Photography.

Working with key themes surrounding fashion image making, you’ll gain the skills and contextual knowledge needed to start making strong, competent productions. You'll develop the foundations for research methodologies, collaborative practices and professional etiquette, working towards an ethical practice. You’ll also begin to build your fashion networks and community through specific modules with fashion stylists.  


Subcultures & Styles

In this module, you'll unpack the professional approaches, processes and modes of fashion image production. You'll develop your understanding of photographic representation through the application and understanding of visual language, while exploring fashion style through the theme of subcultures.  


In Belonging, you’ll engage with themes of inclusivity and diversity within the context of global histories and subcultures. You'll be encouraged to explore and build an unbiased and progressive understanding of the ethical language of fashion, harnessing your emerging research and image making skills. 

The Body & Ethics

This module gives you the opportunity to explore and experiment with a variety of critically challenging photographic approaches to the visual representation of the human form. You'll investigate the codes and conventions of dressing and situating the body within a fashion context, provoking debates about gender, beauty, sexuality, ethnicity, morality, social position, body image and self-representation; ultimately exploring your own role and responsibilities as a fashion photographer.

The Edit

In this module, you'll investigate how the order of photographs in fashion spreads is constructed by contemporary fashion publishing, both in print and online. You'll consider how stories are told in fashion photography within different published contexts. Alongside this, you will also explore the typographical relationship of image and text, and the process of editing and sequencing images. You'll be asked to curate a sequenced editorial output of your choice, such as an editorial in a magazine, photo-book, zine, newspaper or digital media.

In the second year, you’ll be supported to confidently produce complex and extended photographic projects that are backed by critical theory and intellectual enquiry. Through visual practice modules, you’ll engage in alternative forms of image making that test and blur the traditional limits of fashion photography and filmmaking. You'll also start developing the professional skills you’ll need to build a successful career in the creative industries – including collaboration and exploring the relevant distribution channels for your practice. 


Fashion Film

The hunger for fashion films amongst other digital media outputs is unprecedented in our contemporary world. Fashion films are used on a regular basis as communication tools for the branding and promotion of fashion goods, reflecting trends and moods of the current times. This module introduces you to a broad range of technical and professional methods for the creation of your own fashion film. We'll provide you with an understanding of how fashion can be promoted through moving image, enhancing your research and conceptual skills, planning and shooting, as well as editing.

The Commercial Image

In the Commercial Image module, you’ll refine your individual photographic practice and your understanding of industry. Through primary research of creatives working in the fashion sector, you’ll evaluate your chosen area of professional practice, develop your networks and advance your technical photographic skills.  


This module delves deeper into the historical, social, cultural and global contexts of contemporary fashion image making. By exploring theoretical perspectives, you’ll develop the ability to discuss your own and others’ creative practice in an academic framework. 

Fashion Image

In our postmodern condition of photography, with its ceaseless flow of images, the internet is serving as a laboratory for image-making experimentation. It's within this context that the notion of image making has become an artistic form rather than promoting the traditional act of 'taking an image'. In this module, you'll be encouraged to challenge photographic conventions and explore other forms of expression, which could include photogrammetry, 3D scanning or montage.


Working as part of a team, you'll work on 'Challenge Briefs' that reflect the sort of assignments you could expect to be working on in industry. Developing your 'soft skills', like communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and leadership, you'll sharpen your ability to work well as part of a group to produce outstanding work. 

You can choose to take an optional professional placement after your second year on a three-year programme, or after your third year if you’re studying for a degree with an Integrated Foundation Year. 

You’ll be responsible for finding your own placement, with support from the Employability team. 

Choosing this option will enhance your industry experience and skills while studying. 

How you’ll study during your professional placement 

You’ll spend time working in a professional context, as part of a business or organisation. This can be in one role, or up to three, and must be for a minimum of 24 weeks. 

You’ll develop in-demand workplace skills, deepen your insight into industry and grow your network of contacts, all of which could help you get ahead in your career after graduation. 

Throughout this year, you’ll develop a portfolio of work that includes critical self-reflection on what has been learned from the experience. You’ll be required to evidence your experiences, the skills you’ve learned and your professional growth. 

Your final year is all about preparing for your transition from student to industry professional. Working towards the submission of a dissertation (or equivalent) and Final Major Project, you’ll further develop your unique vision as you work with selected global clients on professional briefs,  building relationships with casting directors, location scouts, stylists, and creative directors.  


The Client Brief

In this module, you'll have the opportunity to work with a selected client on a proposed professional brief. From generating initial ideas through to delivering image production, you'll learn how to work in an industry-facing manner; presenting your ideas efficiently and effectively will be key. You'll be asked to respond to the client's brief with your own authentic take on fashion photography, while ensuring that their intended message is clearly and compellingly translated into innovative and forward-thinking photographs.


As you come to the end of your studies, you’ll complete a dissertation (or equivalent) that explores agreed individual interests relating to your practice. You'll reflect on your research strengths and personal practice, and engage in considered and detailed discussion of the chosen topic.  

Final Major Project

The Final Major Project unit is an independently led project in which you’ll draw on your extended knowledge of contemporary image making, critical theory and technical skills to support the production of a final body of work at a professional level.

Professional Futures, Industry Ambitions

This module supports your journey towards becoming a future-fashion visionary. You’ll explore your professional options, build your skills, develop your industry networks and learn how tell your story.  

Why study an Integrated Foundation Year route?

If you’re taking on a new subject that you haven’t studied in depth before, have been out of education for a while or have a non-standard educational background then an Integrated Foundation Year degree may be the right choice for you. It is a four-year degree with an Integrated Foundation Year to start, which allows you to explore the primary elements of your subject before progressing on to the remaining three years of the BA(Hons) degree.

What you'll learn

If you choose this pathway, you'll study five core modules in your Foundation year. These are all designed to help you explore the foundational elements of your subject. You'll gain relevant technical skills, learn to experiment and take risks, develop an understanding of professional practice, have opportunities to work across disciplines and collaborate with other students on live project briefs.



You'll begin your foundation year by working collaboratively with others to explore themes of the future. You'll take risks, experiment through play and be supported to break through barriers.


You'll take subject-specific workshops and develop essential technical and practical skills in your area of study. You'll also enhance your analytical and organisational abilities.


You'll work with your peer group to think beyond discipline by addressing a societal or global issue. You'll then showcase your work to your peers and deliver and accompanying evaluation of your process.


You'll enhance your creative and practical skills in your subject specialism by responding to typical industry briefs, underpinned by focused research and experiments. You'll also gain industry insights through guest lectures and workshops.


You'll develop your unique identity in your specialism through the production of a self-initiated body of work. Your final project will be the bridge to your next year, fully supported by evaluative reviews and critical analysis of the work you have created.

After the Foundation year, you progress into Year One of the full three-year degree, equipped with a deeper knowledge of your subject, a clear understanding of your strengths, and develop a practical and technical skillset and the confidence to excel in your chosen subject.


If you apply for and enrol onto a degree with an Integrated Foundation Year, you’ll have the option to switch onto a five-year version including a placement year. That means you’ll complete the first three years of your course before completing a placement in industry in your fourth year and returning to Falmouth for the fifth year of your programme. 

As part of our process of continuous improvement, we routinely review course content to ensure that all our students benefit from a high-quality and rewarding academic experience. As such, there may be some changes made to your course which are not immediately reflected in the content displayed on our website. Any students affected will be informed of any changes made directly.

Logan Davies' Portrait of Britain winning image
Logan Davies - Portrait of Britain Winning Image

"The student culture of Falmouth is so unique [...] the course leader Jonathan was just so passionate about the course [...] It was really inspiring."

- Logan Davies, Fashion Photography BA(Hons) graduate

Portrait of Britain winner




Ruby Cowlishaw, Fashion Photography BA(Hons) graduate

Ruby's body of work Splinter (above) looked at the impact of new technologies on our perception of reality:

'...the growth of new technologies is enhancing the use of the metaverse for escapism... Splinter was created with the intention to understand how this shift is distorting societies perception of reality, and the repercussions this will create.'


Ruby used Blender 3D and traditional photographic practices to combing our real and virtual worlds.

Photo of person looking away with plaited pigtails
Evelina Deveikaite Fashion Photography

Work by Evelina Deveikaite

Person walking against black background in colourful clothing
Safwan Chowdhury Fashion Photography

Work by Safwan Chowdhury



Emma Moles, 1st Year Fashion Photography BA(Hons) student 

Emma Moles work Radical Bodies (above) was created in response to the module Body & Ethics undertaken in year one. 

...this module asks me to think critically about new ways to understand the body within a fashion context and the role and responsibility I have as a photographer in the representation of others.

Chris Riccio work person staring at camera in colourful jumper
Chris Riccio work Fashion Photography

Work by Chris Riccio

Natasha Clayton work of individual posing
Natasha Clayton - Fashion Photography

Work by Natasha Clayton




May Trim, Fashion Photography BA(Hons) graduate 

May Trim's work Coconut (above) looks at being black/ mixed race and part of an alternative culture.

...I want to represent those that have [received ridicule] and those that have never had the chance to explore punk music and punk fashion, out of fear of betraying their race.


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This course could be for you if...

  • You're interested in visual storytelling
  • You're excited by new technology and experimenting
  • You like using fashion to express and communicate

Stories from our community

Explore student projects, graduate successes, staff news and industry insights


5 Minutes with: Anti-Fashion Photography Disruptor, Donald Christie

03 May 2024

Donald Christie’s iconic photography style was a seminal part of the ‘anti-fashion’ 1990s yout...

5 Minutes with: Anti-Fashion Photography Disruptor, Donald Christie
Photo of Torgeir Rorvik holding Graduate Fashion Week Award at the 2022 event
Torgeir Rorvik

How Falmouth’s future-focussed approach is inspiring graduate fashion photographer Torgeir Rørvik

24 April 2024

A top award winner in 2022 at Graduate Fashion Week, the world’s largest showcase of BA fashion ta...

How Falmouth’s future-focussed approach is inspiring graduate fashion photographer Torgeir Rørvik
Alexa Rayner

Falmouth student designs latest edition of Petra Collins’ ‘OMG I’m Being Killed’

17 April 2024

Third-year Fashion Photography BA(Hons) student Alexa Rayner has designed the latest edition of Petr...

Falmouth student designs latest edition of Petra Collins’ ‘OMG I’m Being Killed’
Portrait of Cornish girl wearing dress, makeup and tiara - from Cornish Maids photography project by Fran Rowse
Cornish Maids - Fran Rowse - 1

Bal maidens, fishwives and carnival queens: meet Fran Rowse’s ‘Cornish Maids’

12 February 2024

Fran Rowse's photography project 'Cornish Maids' is a collection of portraits of Cornwall’s young ...

Bal maidens, fishwives and carnival queens: meet Fran Rowse’s ‘Cornish Maids’
Portrait of Britain Winner and Falmouth Fashion Photography graduate Logan Davies
Logan Davies

In conversation with Portrait of Britain winner and Fashion Photography graduate Logan Davies

05 May 2023

Logan Davies shares their experience at Falmouth and the importance of queer representation in photo...

In conversation with Portrait of Britain winner and Fashion Photography graduate Logan Davies
Saidis Orda work

Orda, Saidis Orda

Falmouth graduates recognised by Arts Thread Global Design Graduate Show 2022 

25 October 2022

Meet the Fashion & Textiles Institute graduates shortlisted for the Global Design Graduate Show 2022...

Falmouth graduates recognised by Arts Thread Global Design Graduate Show 2022 
A man sits

Ones to Watch: Torgeir Rorvik

19 August 2022

Meet the 2022 Fashion Photography graduate who's already making waves in the industry. 

Ones to Watch: Torgeir Rorvik
Photo of Torgeir Rorvik holding Graduate Fashion Week Award at the 2022 event
Torgeir Rorvik

Fashion Photography graduate brings home Graduate Fashion Week award

24 June 2022

This week, Fashion Photography BA(Hons) graduate Torgeir Rorvik won the Fashion Photography award at...

Fashion Photography graduate brings home Graduate Fashion Week award
A woman stands in front of the Falmouth sign on Woodlane
Frugi student

Student gets industry experience as Frugi pays campus visit

01 June 2022

First year Fashion Photography student Sinead Flanagan has assisted Frugi’s creative department on...

Student gets industry experience as Frugi pays campus visit
People gather to protest the fashion industry. A placard reads 'no fashion on a dead planet'

Falmouth joins the Fashion Declares movement

04 February 2022

Falmouth’s Fashion & Textiles Institute has joined forces with key leaders across the fashion ...

Falmouth joins the Fashion Declares movement
Agne stands on an old Audi, wearing white sports socks, red stilettos and an orange coat.
Agne Pic

Graduate film showcased on iconic fashion photography website

24 November 2021

2021 Fashion Photography graduate Agne Roversteinaite has had her film 'They Don't See Us' exhi...

Graduate film showcased on iconic fashion photography website
On Set In Majorca
On Set In Majorca

How studying at Falmouth helped this graduate land her dream job in fashion

08 November 2021

Alice Kasinather-Jones has travelled across the world to create campaigns for the likes of Gucci and...

How studying at Falmouth helped this graduate land her dream job in fashion
Graduate Gemma Worral poses in white dress
Gemma W Fashion Photo

Fashion Photography graduate hired by prestigious post-production agency

12 October 2021

Fashion Photography graduate Gemma Worral has landed a Student Assistant position at prestigious pos...

Fashion Photography graduate hired by prestigious post-production agency
ISMS & SKISMS Guest Lecture Series: Harris Elliot
ISMS & SKISMS: Harris Elliot

Fashion & Textiles Institute hosts ‘Black cultural conversations’ guest lecture series

12 October 2021

The Fashion & Textiles Institute is hosting a specialist guest lecture series for its students. ...

Fashion & Textiles Institute hosts ‘Black cultural conversations’ guest lecture series
Falmouth alumni couple with a dog by a wooden trailer
Couple With Dog

Forest & Clay: Small business flourishes in the hands of Falmouth graduates

02 July 2021

Fine Art graduate Dan Bethell and Fashion Photography graduate Anna Burnett have created Forest &amp...

Forest & Clay: Small business flourishes in the hands of Falmouth graduates
Edited Publication Pic
Edited Publication Pic

How one graduate turned her mental health struggles into poetry

23 June 2021

Olivia White started documenting her thoughts to help deal with her mental health during her ti...

How one graduate turned her mental health struggles into poetry
Layna Image 4
Layna Image 4

Students stun judges at Graduate Fashion Week

21 June 2021

BA(Hons) Fashion Photography student Layna Miyazaki has won the Fashion Communication Digital Portfo...

Students stun judges at Graduate Fashion Week
Another Day Still
Another Day Still

Student film exhibited by award-winning fashion website

16 April 2021

Third-year Fashion Photography student Layna Miyazaki has had her film Another Day exhibited by SHOW...

Student film exhibited by award-winning fashion website
A woman in Calvin Klein grey underwear and a denim jacket with #wastewater text in the background
Slogan Eva 2

Sustainability Week: Fashion focused

02 March 2021

The Fashion and Textiles Institute is driven by the environmental, ethical and moral challenges of o...

Sustainability Week: Fashion focused
Two dancers from the Royal Opera House performing in a studio
Dancing in Isolation

Dancing in Isolation

25 August 2020

Fashion Photography graduate, Tom J. Johnson, has been commissioned by th...

Dancing in Isolation

How you'll learn & be assessed

You'll take on live client editorial and advertising briefs with accompanying lectures and workshops. This respected fashion photography course is centred around regular tutorials, lectures, seminars and technical workshops in the studio and on location. There'll be opportunities to attend fashion weeks and take study trips to world-renowned fashion centres.

You'll also have a high level of contact time with your staff and tutors, who'll encourage you to gain a diverse and global understanding of the industry through international placements.

At Falmouth, we use a 'digitally enhanced learning & teaching' approach. Your experience will always be predominantly in-person, including seminars, tutorials and studio teaching, with some, more targeted elements, being online either live (synchronous) or pre-recorded (asynchronous). You can read more here.

How you'll be assessed

100% of your assessment will be coursework.

Assessment methods

  • Foundation year assessments are 100% coursework based
  • Continuous assessment of visual, verbal and written assignments
  • Portfolio submissions, support work and online presence
  • Final-year portfolio


  • Eight large, fully equipped professional studios - frequently in demand from external professionals outside of term time.
  • Fully colour-managed digital suites with specialist print processing facilities.
  • Specialist software training with Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Photography store containing an extensive range of industry-standard equipment available for loan from 9am-9pm, 7 days a week during term time.
Falmouth Photography lecturer using camera equipment in a studio
Photography lecturer using camera equipment

Photography Facilities

Housing dark rooms, post-production suites, full professional studios and gallery, our Institute of ...

Photography Facilities
Library facilities
Library facilities

Library Facilities

Offering extensive collections, our two libraries provide a wealth of digital resources, magazines, ...

Library Facilities
Falmouth University Sports Centre building exterior with blue sky and a path
Sports Centre - Outside
Sports Centre

Sports Centre

Our Sports Centre, on Penryn Campus, includes a spacious gym with up to 90 of the latest, new statio...

Sports Centre


The fashion photography team is made up of award-winning educators and leading creatives in their fields, like photographers Jonathan Simms (Vogue Homme, Glamour, GQ), Donald Christie (I.D, Dazed, The Face), Fashion Stylist, Masha Mombelli and Fashion Photographer, Tom Allen.

Some members of staff only teach on specific modules, and your course might not feature every staff member who teaches on the course.

Jonathan Simms headshot

Jonathan Simms

Course Leader, Fashion Photography BA(Hons)

Jonathan Simms is the Course Leader for BA(Hons) Fashion Photography at Falmouth University. As...

Jonathan Simms
Masha Mombelli staff profile picture

Masha Mombelli

Lecturer, Fashion Photography BA(Hons) and Fashion Styling & Art Direction BA(Hons)

Lecturer Masha Mombelli is a freelance fashion stylist, film-maker and artist. In her native St. Pet...

Masha Mombelli

Donald Christie

Senior Lecturer, Fashion Photography BA(Hons)

Donald’s iconic photography career is instrumental in defining the anti-fashion 1990s youth m...

Donald Christie
Tom Allen profile picture

Tom Allen

Lecturer, Fashion Photography BA(Hons)

He is widely known as an international photographer in editorial and fashion. He has worked for nume...

Tom Allen
Clive Martin headshot

Clive Martin

Associate Lecturer, Fashion Photography BA(Hons)

Clive Martin is a journalist from London who has been working at Falmouth in various capacities sinc...

Clive Martin

Got a question about this course?

If you want to know more about the course structure, our application requirements or what our graduates have gone on to achieve, our friendly course team is here to help. 


Chat to Jonathan


Our graduates have gone to work with some of the industry’s biggest brands in roles including associate producer for Prada fashion film campaign, retoucher at ASOS and River Island, still-life photographer at Vivienne Westwood Studio, freelance casting director for Marc Jacobs, picture and video editor at Love magazine and a commissioned photographer for Elle.

Other future roles could include: 

  • Fashion photographer   
  • Film director / videographer / editor 
  • E-commerce photographer  
  • Portrait photographer  
  • Shoot / film producer  
  • Photo editor 
  • Model agency booker 
  • Casting director 
  • Location scout  
  • Studio manager 
  • PR/marketing executive 
  • Digital content creator  
  • Creative director 

What can I do with a fashion photography degree?

A degree in fashion photography opens doors to a broad range of industries such as fashion, advertising, shoot production, casting direction, retouching, film and publishing.

How to apply

Ready to join us? There's still time to apply for September 2024 through Clearing

Apply through Clearing

Course route UCAS code
Fashion Photography BA(Hons) three year degree W641
Fashion Photography BA(Hons) with Integrated Foundation Year FY19
Fashion Photography BA(Hons) with professional placement PY23

We consider all applications on their own individual merit and potential. We invite all applicants to an interview day or audition to give them the opportunity to demonstrate this along with what inspires and motivates them in their field. Applicants will also be able to show their portfolio or give a performance depending on the course. We welcome applications from all subject backgrounds, whether you’ve specialised in STEM, the arts or humanities.  

Course route Entry requirements
BA/BSc(Hons) three year degree 104 – 120 UCAS Tariff points
BA/BSc(Hons) four year degree with professional placement 104 – 120 UCAS Tariff points
BA/BSc(Hons) four year degree with Integrated Foundation Year 80 – 120 UCAS Tariff points

Check the title of your course to see if it's a BA or BSc award. UCAS Tariff points will primarily be from Level 3 qualifications such as but not limited to A-levels, T Levels, a BTEC/UAL Extended Diploma or a Foundation Diploma. 

Check how many points your qualifications are worth

For applicants whose first language is English we require you to have or be working towards GCSE English Language Grade 4 (C), or equivalent. 

If English is not your first language you will need to meet the same standard which is equivalent to the IELTS Academic 6.0 overall score, with at least 5.5 in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. We accept a range of in country equivalencies and approved tests.  

If you need a student visa to study in the UK, you may need to take a recognised language test. You can read our English Language Requirements for more information.

For starting your studies in 2024

UK applications: 31 January 2024 (for equal consideration)

Applications after the 31 January will be considered on a first-come, first-served as long as there are places available. Apply for this course now.

International fee payers

International fee payers can apply throughout the year. But we recommend applying as early as possible, to make time for visa and travel arrangements.

Fees, costs & funding

Tuition fees

Annual tuition fee Student
£9,250 per year Full-time UK
£17,950 per year Full-time EU/international
£1,850 per professional placement year Full-Time UK and EU/international
Annual tuition fee Student
£9,250 per year Full-time UK
£17,950 per year Full-time EU/international
£1,850 per professional placement year Full-Time UK and EU/international

Tuition fees for September 2026 will be confirmed in summer 2025.

Tuition fees are set annually and are subject to review each year. The University may therefore raise tuition fees in the second or subsequent years of a course, in line with inflation and/or the maximum permitted by law or Government policy. Students will be notified of any changes as soon as possible. 

The figures above don't include accommodation and living costs

Typical course costs

  • £300-£600 - Recurring annual costs
  • £300 - Suggested reading
  • £200-£300 - One-off costs for the course duration (compulsory trips, final portfolios or shows, etc)
  • £1,000 - Optional study visits and placements for the course duration

If you need to bring equipment or materials with you, these will be outlined in your Welcome Letter.

Additional typical course costs for Integrated Foundation Year pathway

  • £250 for materials
  • A laptop/desktop computer
  • Adobe Creative Suite

To engage in the digital learning activity, although you will be able to access IT suites on campus, you will benefit from a laptop to access the platforms and tools we use. Depending on your subject, you may need a specific type of computer. If you're unsure about what you might need, please contact our course advisors.

Ask a student

What better way to find out about life at Falmouth University than by asking our current students?

From course details and academic support, to the social scene and settling in, our students are ready and available to answer any questions you might have. Simply set up your account, send them a question and they'll get back to you within 24 hours.


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