Music Graduates Set Up Recording Studio

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Sea Glass Superstars

The story of Zennor Glass began with three friends who shared a passion for the sea, a desire to make a difference and a drive to make a living out of doing the things they love. 

Setting up and running a business forms a core part of the Business & Entrepreneurship course and students Holly Fowler, Lennie Jones and Ming Dawe decided to pursue a simple idea to create unique pieces of jewellery out of sea glass. The only problem they faced was that none of them had ever made jewellery before. 

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Tom Raffield's Design Success

When your customers are people like Brad Pitt, Madonna and Tommy Hilfiger, it might be easy to get carried away.

Not so with Tom Raffield, the supremely gifted designer, maker and entrepreneur. Tom started, quite literally, bending the boundaries of what's possible during his time at Falmouth and has continued to blaze a trail of innovative, sustainable design ever since.

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Super Fly at Superdry

When Mollie Clothier drew up a list of places she'd like to be after graduating from Falmouth in 2017 with a degree in Photography, Cheltenham certainly wasn't on it.

Yet now she spends every single day doing what she loves; taking photographs. And, what's more, she's doing it for one of the UK's most iconic fashion brands, Superdry.

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Catwalk Calling for Fashion Student

Shooting catwalk models at top-end shows is the dream for many seeking to enter the fashion industry after graduating.

But Nicholas Kristiansen, a second year Fashion Photography student, has been chosen multiple times for such an opportunity, whilst still studying for his degree.

His most recent venture into the bright lights of these glamorous events was when he received an offer to cover the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in October 2017, following his work experience for Fashion Scout London.

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