Tuition Fees and Student Funding

Understanding fees, exploring funding and planning your future

If you're considering studying at Falmouth then finance will be an important part of your study plans. Tuition fees are the cost to study with us. You should also consider living costs when budgeting for university. Living costs include everything from accommodation fees, bills and food to transport and socialising.

Student funding refers to the different ways in which you can fund your university tuition fees, study and living costs. This can include government loans, part-time work, personal savings, university bursaries and/or private scholarships. Most students need to access funding from more than one source in order to cover all their expenses whilst studying at university.

Find out about the tuition fees for your course, things you'll want to consider when planning your budget and further information about funding for your studies below.

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Tuition Fees

Find out the tuition fees for your course, when and how you'll pay them.

Tuition Fees
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Student Funding

Explore your funding opportunities so you can make an informed plan about how to cover the costs of ...

Student Funding
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How much does it cost?

Get a handle on the costs of student life and how to prepare for university.

How much does it cost?
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Student Finance FAQs for Parents and Carers

To help you understand the process, deadlines and what you need to do, we’ve created some FAQs to ...

Student Finance FAQs for Parents and Carers

Bursaries, awards and scholarships

To find out what bursaries, awards and scholarships are available, if you're eligible and how to apply, head to the Student Funding page and select your level of study.

Explore funding
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How to pay for tuition fees

If you have an approved tuition fee loan in place, your fees will be paid on your behalf, directly to the University, so you don't need to take any action.

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