Planning for your university life

You've got your place at university, and now you're thinking about where to live and how much it'll cost. Not to worry, we've put together information to help you think about all the different aspects of university life and what makes Falmouth such a unique location in which to study.

Please be aware that below offers general guidance. Costs will vary depending on whether you are studying at undergraduate or postgraduate level, and whether you are studying on campus or online.

Key costs to consider

There are lots of things you'll want to include in your budget for university. We've included a few of the key ones below, but this list isn't exhaustive, so it's best to consider your current outgoings and anything additional you'll need to budget for when studying with us.

If you're a first-year student you may choose to stay in University-owned or managed accommodation, the cost usually includes most bills, and can vary depending on your needs and preferences. You can look at options and prices on our Halls of residence page.

Second and third-year students usually choose to live in privately owned houses in Penryn and Falmouth. These vary in cost depending on the size of the property, its location and specifications.

If you're living in University-owned accommodation you'll usually have your bills included in your rent. Other living costs to consider are:

  • Food
  • Social spending
  • Commuting and other travel
  • Household costs
  • Mobile bills and digital subscriptions

Living costs will vary and you might want to consider working part-time to supplement your spending, but it's important to think about how this will fit with your studies.

We recommend considering your accommodation and living costs before you arrive, so you know how you're going to manage your money. Costs can vary between students, so consider these things according to your unique circumstances. There are funding opportunities depending on your eligibility, you can explore more in our Student Funding section.

Another significant factor to consider is your course costs. This can include costs for things like materials, field trips or specialist equipment. You can find a guide to these typical course costs under the Fees, Costs and Funding tab on your course page.

It's also helpful to have a look at the most recent Welcome Letter for your course. These are letters new students receive, explaining in more detail what the costs for year one of study will be on that specific course.

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Budgeting for university

Budgeting is essential to ensure you have control over your finances from the start. The best time to do this is before you arrive at university. Doing it early means you'll be able to understand what you can afford and what funding you'll need to apply for.

Budgeting tips

Budgeting means comparing your income against all your expenses. If your income is less than your expenses, you'll be spending more than you have and you'll need to consider supplementing your income or cutting out some of your expenses.

Assuming that fees are already paid, below are a few suggestions of things to think about when working out your budget:

  • How much you have to spend: this will include loans, bursaries, and income from a part-time job. If you are not getting 'full support' from the government, then this should also include a contribution from your household/parents.
  • What your likely costs are: see information above on living costs and course costs. You can put a weekly cap on certain types of spending. For example, nights out or takeaways.

Helpful tools

Money Saving Expert and Save the Student both offer students handy tools that make budgeting quick and easy.

Work while you study

Working part-time while studying can be a good way to earn money and learn transferable skills such as teamwork, communication and customer service.

However, you should be mindful that a new job shouldn't interfere too much with your studies. If you are thinking about working part-time while you study, many of our students work around Falmouth and some are employed by the University as Student Ambassadors.

Making the most of going to university in Cornwall

If you choose to study at Falmouth, you'll be enriched by your time here. There's an incredible creative culture in Cornwall, a vibrant social scene and a buzzing students' union. Our sub-tropical paradise can be explored on land and on sea and has been the inspiration to some of the greatest creative talent in the last hundred years.

If you want to celebrate that creative culture with others, then Cornwall is home to theatres and performances by national and international acts, a whole host of festivals from music, to film to food, and a thriving gallery and exhibition scene.

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