Working part-time alongside your studies

08 July 2024

Masterclass acting and theatre speaker 2
Masterclass acting and theatre speaker 2
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This article was written by Acting BA(Hons) student Zoe.

Hi, I'm Zoe and I am currently studying on the BA(Hons) Acting degree at Falmouth Uni.

Before I started at University, one of my worries, with the increasing cost of living, was managing my money and having enough to not only pay rent and food, but to be able to make the most of living in Cornwall. I went part of my first year without a job and I managed to do all of this with savings from the previous summer, however towards the middle of the year, I found myself wanting a little extra money for hobbies and more exciting food shops. This is when I found out about the Student Ambassador Scheme.

This scheme allows students to apply for a job with the Uni, usually helping to promote your course and help at events such as Open Days and Campus Tours. This role also allows you to easily work around studying full-time, as you can apply for the shifts you would like to do and that don't clash with assignments. Another bonus of this job is the ability to branch out based on your skillset and take up extra roles. These roles include being a Digital Ambassador, whereby you write blogs and chat with prospective students and the option to be promoted to a Senior Ambassador, meaning you help to manage and run events with the staff on higher responsibility jobs. This is a great option if you are looking to work alongside studies for some extra money and pick your own hours. This also allows you to make friends across all courses and year groups!

Another option is to find a part-time job in and around Falmouth and Penryn. I am both a Student Ambassador and a waitress in a local restaurant, so I am living proof that it is more than possible to work multiple jobs and still get the full university experience. The best way to find local jobs is through indeed or even walking round the high street with a CV, so you can pop into anywhere that meets your ideal job. Falmouth has lots of restaurants, bars and shops, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for jobs. Many local businesses are aware of students wanting part-time jobs and can help facilitate your hours around this, but make sure you talk to them about this before taking a job, as your degree should come first, especially in the creative industries Falmouth is training us to be part of. Getting a job in Falmouth and Penryn is also great for meeting local people and other university students, to expand friendships beyond uni.

Despite having two jobs, I still manage to put effort into my classes, complete all of my own study and attend all of my classes, so if you are concerned about this try not to worry too much! The university is very supportive in understanding your situations and can help you with finding work or managing the balance if it is something you struggle with. I also have managed to get paid for some industry related work, as our lecturers have industry links and can send out work opportunities related to your course. For example, as an Acting student I have been in many short films and a couple have been paid work, which is great to get involved in, as it is experience and a little extra money from the industry you're aiming to be working in! I have also been able to pick up some new hobbies, such as climbing and surfing, which I do around studies and work.

I tend to stay in Falmouth over some of the summer months, as holidays, especially summer, bring tourists in. This allows work hours and extra incomes, such as tips, to increase over this period. Many companies are looking for more staff at this time! If you get in just before summer, you have time to get used to the job, then work for part of or all summer. This can be a great way to build savings to last you the year, if working alongside studying seems too much for you at the start.

Personally, I enjoy working alongside my studies, as it allows me to worry less about having the money to try out new hobbies and go out, whilst providing me with stuff to keep me busy. Sometimes starting university means a lot of free time you weren't expecting and getting a part-time job can help you get out the flat and earn some money. You can then fill your spare time with beach trips, work and nights out etc. This is great practice for future when you have to manage your work and your social life, but it also allows you to make the most out of your Uni years.

Thank you for reading! if you have any questions or specifics you would like me to go into, please get in touch, I am happy to help :)

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