Graduate film showcased on iconic fashion photography website

24 November 2021

They Don't See Us

The film questions realism and consciousness about memories. Memories have been viewed by us, but they never meet our present selves.

Memories are always alive, and they play ghostly parts in our minds. I'm representing this idea by establishing certain beings of myself with my childhood and present self.

Type: Video
Category: Our graduates

2021 Fashion Photography graduate Agne Roversteinaite has had her film 'They Don't See Us' exhibited by SHOWstudio, a website founded by iconic British fashion photographer Nick Knight.

Agne was inspired to create the film after watching old family videos, which she discovered while stuck at home during lockdown. The old recordings sparked something in Agne.

“As I was watching them, memories became vibrant again, and I started reconnecting with my past self”, Agne told us. “Every version of the younger me in the film depicts parts of my childhood that I have since forgotten.

“The old footage gave me an opportunity to look at these recollections from an adult woman’s perspective – it was like looking at myself in the mirror and reflecting on this little girl’s journey and how far she has come.

“I wanted to create an exploration of identities through my memories. I hope it inspires the audience to connect with their past selves.”

Like many filmmakers during the pandemic, Agne had to find creative solutions to realise her ideas.

Several shots of her film required a green screen. But with Agne quarantined at home, the young filmmaker had no access to facilities of any kind. Luckily, creative thinking runs in the family. 

“I got help from my aunt who is a dressmaker”, Agne told us. “The outfits had to be styled individually for every scene. To get those diverse looks, all the clothes, accessories and props were found at home ​or borrowed from my relatives.

“I hope that my film can work as proof that the green screen method, which has been used in the filmmaking industry for years, can be accessible for just about anyone with a camera and a piece of green material.” 

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