Acting at Falmouth offers a distinctive course in training for the 21st century actor. Building on a long tradition of practice-based education and training, the course offers a clear progression from fundamental core training and skills, to advanced specialist focus on craft, performance and production. You will have opportunities to engage with industry professionals (actors, practitioners, directors, film-makers, arts managers), and actively take part in various forms of performance and production work.

Based in the exceptional facilities of the Performance Centre at The Academy of Music and Theatre Arts, our practice-led courses are designed to give you the skills, experience and confidence to become versatile, adaptable, progressive and creative entrepreneurial actors.

The distinctive ethos and approach of the courses are based on a three-strand core structure, where each strand directly informs and supports the other:

  • Training: Learning through doing, developing core making and performing skills, and embodying knowledge through training.
  • Thinking: Thinking and reflecting, understanding social, cultural and professional contexts, and forward-facing industry awareness.
  • Doing (Acting): The process of performance, integrating practice and theory as part of a developing acting practice, and developing agency and entrepreneurship.