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Musical Theatre BA(Hons)

Elevate your skills as an industry-ready artist, ready to take to the stage.

Key details
Penryn Campus
Course duration
3 years / 4 years
Full-time / Professional Placement
UCAS code
W312 / PY06

Course overview

Channel your love of musical theatre on a degree that sets you apart as an industry-ready performer. From day one, you’ll focus on rigorous physical training across acting, singing and dance to give your performances a professional polish that will help you stand out at audition.

Under the tutelage of experienced staff, you’ll hone your craft alongside a creative, inspirational community of fellow actors, musicians, dancers, technicians and storytellers. A core part of this degree is the guidance to help you flourish in the professional sphere, building core skills, as well as your portfolio, CV and personal brand. 

At every opportunity, you'll be encouraged to take part in boundary-pushing performances and experiences that give you the professional confidence to thrive as a sensitive, expansive and joyful performer. 

You will:

  • Become a well-rounded, versatile and industry-ready performer with a portfolio to match  
  • Learn in industry-standard facilities, including extensive sprung-floor dance studios, practice rooms, recording studios and a live performance venue  
  • Study within AMATA’s creative and dynamic performing arts community, where actors, musicians, dancers and technicians collaborate on real performances 
  • Benefit from AMATA’s year-round performance programme, which attracts top artists and performers 
  • Work with highly skilled and experienced staff with expert knowledge of the performing arts industry 

This course is an accredited degree with Spotlight and Equity. Students are eligible to join Spotlight in the first term of their final year. Inclusive of their membership, they have a wealth of support, content and events tailored explicitly towards this membership group from Spotlight.

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Course details

Musical Theatre BA(Hons)

On this Musical Theatre degree, you'll have the opportunity to gain a BA(Hons) degree over three years or study Musical Theatre BA(Hons) with a professional placement option. 

As part of this vibrant musical theatre degree, you’ll learn acting skills, develop your voice and singing range, and advance your technique in a range of dance styles including ballet, jazz and tap among others. Growing your knowledge and understanding of the genre, you’ll engage with and reflect critically on all aspects of it, together with an awareness of emerging forms.  

You’ll extend your personal repertoire, learn to perform confidently in live theatre and explore digital technologies. Professional development workshops will enable you to focus on strategies for future employability, developing your personal profile and potential. 

You’ll build core skills in all disciplines, developing your vocal capabilities and learning how you use your body as a tool to tell stories. 

You’ll also explore specific techniques to extend your range of skills in singing and dance alongside character development and text analysis. 


Movement & Singing: Foundational Techniques 

In this practice-based module, you’ll develop an understanding of how to challenge and develop your vocal and physical capabilities. You’ll participate in regular vocal and movement/dance classes to build the skills that are essential to the musical theatre performer.  

Histories & Contexts of Musical Theatre 

In this module, you’ll develop a foundational knowledge and understanding of musical theatre history. Through a series of lectures and seminars, you’ll be introduced to a range of seminal works and genres that are significant to the contextual and cultural development of musical theatre.  

Acting & Voice: Foundational Skills 

In this module, you’ll explore a range of story-telling modes and practices, which will enable you to deploy the practices of body, voice, language, imagination, live presence and, where appropriate, direct address, to create impactful performance for an audience. You’ll also consider the relationship of character to action and will develop narratives via a process of research, improvisation and rehearsal. 

Dance & Movement: Core Skills 

In this module, you’ll explore a range of dance and movement techniques that are essential to the musical theatre performer. Through classes including Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Body Conditioning, you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of posture, placement and strength and an awareness of musicality, style and performance techniques. You’ll also establish a critical understanding of key musical theatre contexts and practitioners.  

Singing & Voice: Core Skills 

In this module, you’ll work towards a grounded theoretical and practical knowledge of vocal functionality and voice production. The module will build upon the basic skills acquired in Movement & Singing: Foundational Techniques, developing your technique in breath use, resonance, placement and approach to text and vocal expression. Through individual tutorials and group classes, you’ll also establish the foundation of a confident and effective personal vocal technique. 

Acting & Text: Core Skills 

In this module, you’ll draw upon established rehearsal techniques to develop an organised, collaborative and structured approach to a rehearsal process and performance. You’ll learn the key principles and practices of building a character and analysing the action contained in a range of designated texts. The module will deepen your understanding of character-building strategies.  

In your second year, you’ll continue your development, deepening your knowledge and understanding of technique, while building your portfolio of repertoire. 

You’ll work on scene studies and broaden your detailed knowledge of specific genres within musical theatre, as well as latest industry practices. 

Finally, you’ll study a range of self-marketing tools for building a successful career in musical theatre such as developing your CV, personal websites, self-taping, building your online profile and professional audition techniques. 


Dance & Movement: Developing Techniques 

In this module, you’ll deepen your knowledge and experience of core dance styles in Musical Theatre. During your practical sessions, you’ll explore choreography, develop your knowledge of seminal practitioners and learn to communicate character, emotion and narrative through a confident and fluid use of your developing technique.  

Singing, Acting & Voice: Developing Techniques 

In this module, you’ll work towards developing your knowledge and understanding of spoken voice, technical singing, musicianship and text work within the context of musical theatre. Through individual tutorials and group classes, you’ll also advance your existing knowledge of vocal anatomy, singing and spoken production, character development and text work, and further refine and progress your technical skills. 

Musical Theatre Project 

Working as an ensemble cast, you’ll study, rehearse, perform and evaluate pieces from a varied repertoire of contrasting musical theatre content. This project will draw together all the skills you’ve developed in singing, dance and acting and will work towards a performance presentation. You’ll expand your understanding of the range of demands placed upon the performer, while integrating these skills in rehearsal towards a unified and collaborative approach to performance. 

Dance & Movement: Integrated Skills 

You’ll continue to develop all theoretical and practical aspects of your dance and movement practice, securing a sustainable and consistent physical technique appropriate for professional employment.  You’ll also advance your knowledge of key musical theatre dance styles by studying and performing routines, songs and scenes from iconic musicals.   

Practical classes in essential dance techniques will continue to advance and progress your practice by introducing more complex tasks and refining your personal technique.   

Singing, Acting & Voice: Integrated Skills 

Through an exploration of repertoire, you’ll be challenged to explore the emotional, physical and vocal responses to both music and text. This will result in an expanding personal portfolio of songs and repertoire together with an enhanced awareness of your personal potential and employability. Voice & text classes will focus on different styles of sung and spoken text and will explore the intersections between speaking and singing technique.   

Professional Preparation 

The module will form the foundation of your development from student to professional performer. Seminars, lectures and workshops will include theatre audition technique, visiting industry professionals and guest artist talks which will inform you of current industry practices. You’ll explore the importance of your personal profile, professionalism and self-promotion. 

You can choose to take an optional professional placement after your second year on a three-year programme. 

You’ll be responsible for finding your own placement, with support from the Employability team. 

Choosing this option will enhance your industry experience and skills while studying. 

How you’ll study during your professional placement 

You’ll spend time working in a professional context, as part of a business or organisation. This can be in one role, or up to three, and must be for a minimum of 24 weeks. 

You’ll develop in-demand workplace skills, deepen your insight into industry and grow your network of contacts, all of which could help you get ahead in your career after graduation. 

Throughout this year, you’ll develop a portfolio of work that includes critical self-reflection on what has been learned from the experience. You’ll be required to evidence your experiences, the skills you’ve learned and your professional growth. 

You’ll really get to grips with what it means to be a professional performer and engage with the ways in which you can create opportunities and manage a sustainable career. You’ll get insights and insider knowledge via masterclasses, guest speakers and practitioner talks.  

You’ll consider current trends and possible futures of musical theatre, as well as engage in a full-scale musical theatre project and showcase. By the end of your final year, you’ll be an independent Musical Theatre performer with an excellent working knowledge of professional contexts, practices and opportunities.   


Professional Development & Employability 

Here, you’ll advance your skills and the application of your existing techniques through classes, masterclasses and workshops guided by staff, guest artists and industry professionals. Building on knowledge gained in Professional Preparation in Year Two, you’ll work on voice reel and showreel material that can be added to your personal promotional website. You’ll also learn the technique of self-taping and its importance as an auditioning tool within the industry.  

Musical Theatre Futures 

In this module, you’ll expand your creative potential both as a performer and maker. You’ll be encouraged to explore and develop existing, new and original work to consider and create new professional employment opportunities. You’ll use your skills to contribute to the creation of new musical theatre work, either by developing your own ideas and material and/or by working collaboratively to select and adapt resources already in existence from page to stage.  

Musical Theatre Public Performance 

In collaboration with a director, choreographer, musical director and production team, you’ll work towards a fully supported public performance. You'll work in an intensive rehearsal environment as part of a theatre company and fully integrate all your performance skills in the areas of dance, singing and acting. This production is the culmination of all the skills gained and developed during your degree.  

Musical Theatre Showcase 

In this module, you’ll work towards the selection and rehearsal of material for a live/digital showcase. You’ll follow a professional rehearsal model, working in collaboration with a Director, Musical Director and Choreographer and production/technical team. Your final piece(s) will showcase advanced integrated repertoire and demonstrate the culmination of all learned performance techniques. 

As part of our process of continuous improvement, we routinely review course content to ensure that all our students benefit from a high-quality and rewarding academic experience. As such, there may be some changes made to your course which are not immediately reflected in the content displayed on our website. Any students affected will be informed of any changes made directly.

Dancers in dresses throwing hands and heads backwards.
Dancers performing red dress

How you’ll learn & be assessed

The course structure aims to nurture your physical, technical and critical capabilities through technique classes and performance training alongside workshops, lectures and seminars on histories, theories and contexts.  

You’re expected to work both as an individual and as part of a collaborative team, working together to share knowledge and develop an understanding of co-operative practice and teamwork inherent within professional practice. 

In addition to the teaching activities with staff, you’re expected to further your learning through guided independent study in response to taught sessions, tutorials, technical instruction workshops and briefs. Independent study time increases throughout the course as you begin to determine and pursue your individual interests within musical theatre.

You are assessed individually either through solo or ensemble performances, or practical tasks. When your work is being viewed within an ensemble performance, tutors take note of your personal demonstration of the skills being assessed by the learning outcomes, and you are given an individual mark.   

You’ll be assessed through a combination of written coursework, practical coursework and practical performance assessments.  

Assessment methods  

  • Written coursework  
  • Practical coursework  
  • Practical performance assessments  
  • Online submissions of websites, journals, self-tapes and showreels  
  • Constant formative feedback from tutors in class   
  • Formal verbal and some written feedback after assessments  

Assessments generally take place at the end of each module. Practical assessment performances receive formal verbal feedback and submissions receive written feedback. 


  • 11 performance and rehearsal spaces 
  • 13 Practice rooms 
  • 1,150sqm sprung dance floors 
  • State-of-the art digital and analogue recording studio with 4 control rooms and a live room 
  • Technical theatre and production facilities 
  • Professional theatre venue 
Performance Facilities Image
Performance - AMATA

Performance Facilities

The Academy of Music and Theatre Arts (AMATA) is a purpose-built live venue housing an assembly of f...

Performance Facilities
Library facilities
Library facilities

Library Facilities

Offering extensive collections, our two libraries provide a wealth of digital resources, magazines, ...

Library Facilities
Falmouth University Sports Centre building exterior with blue sky and a path
Sports Centre - Outside
Sports Centre

Sports Centre

Our Sports Centre, on Penryn Campus, includes a spacious gym with up to 90 of the latest, new statio...

Sports Centre
Thomas Murphy Young
Thomas Murphy Young

'You were encouraged to take the thing that you were passionate about and just share it, create it, and simply put it out there.'

 - Thomas Murphy Young, Musical Theatre graduate

Read Thomas' story


Your tutors will provide industry-based experience and expertise in all areas of dance, acting, voice and industry-specific singing tuition. There’ll also be opportunities to learn from specialist associate lecturers and guest industry lecturers, directors, choreographers and musical directors. 

Lewis Butler

Acting Course Leader, Musical Theatre BA(Hons)

Lewis trained at the Elmhurst Ballet School for 8 years, followed by a Diploma from The London Schoo...

Lewis Butler

Dr Trevor Rawlins

Head of Theatre Arts

I trained as an actor at East 15 Acting School. Before coming to Falmouth, I was Head of Acting at G...

Dr Trevor Rawlins

Naomi Schulke

Associate Lecturer of Singing

Naomi is a Singing Teacher, Writer and Interview Coach. She began life as a classical singer, before...

Naomi Schulke

Gemma Wright

Lecturer in Voice

Gemma joined Falmouth University in 2017. Previous to working at Falmouth, Gemma taught voice and ac...

Gemma Wright

Ciaran Clarke


Ciaran began as a Lecturer at Falmouth whilst studying his for his PhD in 2018, teaching across Acti...

Ciaran Clarke

Amanda Collins


Amanda is a theatre director and actor trainer. She trained as a director at Rose Bruford College an...

Amanda Collins
Gareth Farr profile picture

Gareth Farr

Senior Lecturer

Gareth trained as an actor at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and went on to work at...

Gareth Farr

Caroline Childe

Associate Lecturer, Musical Theatre BA(Hons)

Caroline studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama both as an undergraduate and on their po...

Caroline Childe

Amely Instance

Associate Lecturer, Ballet Technique

After graduating in 1993 from the Royal Academy of Dance, I joined Angela Praed's contemporary dance...

Amely Instance

Grace Sellwood

Associate Lecturer in Dance

I'm a dance performer, dance teacher, aerial performer, matwork and aerial pilates instructor,&...

Grace Sellwood

Terrie Fender

Associate Lecturer

Terrie trained as an actress at the Drama Centre, London, and spent ten years working in the theatre...

Terrie Fender

Kuldip Singh-Barmi

Senior Lecturer, BA(Hons) Dance & Choreography

Kuldip's fascination with the body and its capability for expression and physical exploration throug...

Kuldip Singh-Barmi

Some members of staff only teach on specific modules, and your course might not feature every staff member who teaches on the course.

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Graduates are eligible to join Spotlight Casting Directory and Equity, the Actor's Union.

As a Musical Theatre graduate, you could become:

  • A stage performer in musical theatre
  • An actor
  • A musician
  • An educator
  • A creative practitioner

A degree in Music, Theatre or Performance combines specialist teaching with entrepreneurial skills in self-promotion to prepare you for the performing arts industry.

What can you do with a Music, Theatre or Performance degree?

How to apply

Ready to join us? There's still time to apply for September 2024 through Clearing

Apply through Clearing

Course route UCAS code
Musical Theatre BA(Hons) three year degree W312
Musical Theatre BA(Hons) with professional placement PY06

We consider all applications on their own individual merit and potential. We invite all applicants to an interview day or audition to give them the opportunity to demonstrate this along with what inspires and motivates them in their field. Applicants will also be able to show their portfolio or give a performance depending on the course. We welcome applications from all subject backgrounds, whether you’ve specialised in STEM, the arts or humanities.  

Course route Entry requirements
BA/BSc(Hons) three year degree 104 – 120 UCAS Tariff points
BA/BSc(Hons) four year degree with professional placement 104 – 120 UCAS Tariff points

Check the title of your course to see if it's a BA or BSc award. UCAS Tariff points will primarily be from Level 3 qualifications such as but not limited to A-levels, T Levels, a BTEC/UAL Extended Diploma or a Foundation Diploma. 

Check how many points your qualifications are worth

For applicants whose first language is English we require you to have or be working towards GCSE English Language Grade 4 (C), or equivalent. 

If English is not your first language you will need to meet the same standard which is equivalent to the IELTS Academic 6.0 overall score, with at least 5.5 in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. We accept a range of in country equivalencies and approved tests.  

If you need a student visa to study in the UK, you may need to take a recognised language test. You can read our English Language Requirements for more information.

For starting your studies in 2024

UK applications: 31 January 2024 (for equal consideration)

Applications after the 31 January will be considered on a first-come, first-served as long as there are places available. Apply for this course now.

International fee payers

International fee payers can apply throughout the year. But we recommend applying as early as possible, to make time for visa and travel arrangements.

Fees, costs & funding

Tuition fees

Annual tuition fee Student
£9,250 per year Full-time UK
£17,950 per year Full-time EU/international
£1,850 per professional placement year Full-Time UK and EU/international
Annual tuition fee Student
£9,250 per year Full-time UK
£17,950 per year Full-time EU/international
£1,850 per professional placement year Full-Time UK and EU/international

Tuition fees for September 2026 will be confirmed in summer 2025.

Tuition fees are set annually and are subject to review each year. The University may therefore raise tuition fees in the second or subsequent years of a course, in line with inflation and/or the maximum permitted by law or Government policy. Students will be notified of any changes as soon as possible. 

The figures above don't include accommodation and living costs

Typical course costs

  • Public Programme season tickets (student rate) costs found: AMATA Live Pass
  • Loose warm clothing appropriate for all practical classes (devising, voice, movement, rehearsals): approx. £70 per year 
  • General study materials such as scripts and key textbooks: approx. £70-£100 per year 
  • £70 - Recommended reading 

If you need to bring equipment or materials with you, these will be outlined in your Welcome Letter.

Ask a student

What better way to find out about life at Falmouth University than by asking our current students?

From course details and academic support, to the social scene and settling in, our students are ready and available to answer any questions you might have. Simply set up your account, send them a question and they'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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