Why I chose to study Acting BA(Hons) at Falmouth

18 December 2023

Rebecca Acting student still
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When applying to universities, I was looking for somewhere that felt like home and a place I could begin my career. Looking into Falmouth University, the first thing I noticed was that I loved the location; being by the beach and the town atmosphere meant I could envision myself beginning the next phase of my life here. 

A tool that was critical in my decision-making process was 'Ask a Student'. This allows you to communicate with current students and ask questions - this was instrumental to me. Using 'Ask a Student' meant I could ask any possible questions I had on topics ranging from public transport and best night-out locations, to the uni’s library services. If you’re trying to figure out where to settle down for uni, this tool is a lifesaver!

Also, if you’re fortunate enough to go to an Open Day, they give you the chance to gauge the atmosphere and facilities. On top of this, taking advantage of the online webinars and chats helped me make an informed decision about the best uni for me and I cannot recommend these enough.

During my research, I became aware of the state-of-the-art facilities and the range of rehearsal spaces we could use. This drew me to the course immediately. Working in these professional spaces has been a transformative experience and the ease with which I can access them have provided me with the freedom to create in a way I had never experienced.

Also drawing me to the uni were the networking opportunities and diverse modules the Acting course offered. Course collaboration is heavily encouraged and has meant that I could begin building a portfolio of work in a safe and comfortable environment. Being given the opportunity to take part in student films, photo shoots, voice-over work etc. has helped shape me into the kind of performer I want to be and means I have developed a healthy showreel for the future.

The Acting course itself covers a plethora of skills ranging from voice acting, animalism, screen acting, devising etc. and has allowed me to try new ways of working. Even when I entered a module scared, I left it proud of my work and grateful to learn new skills.

Overall, the environment at Falmouth values community. In all my endeavours at the uni, I have been supported by my classmates & teachers and have gained a level of confidence in my craft that I didn’t have previously. Whatever new idea I had or style of acting I wanted to try, the course pushed me to do my best and encouraged me to learn from my mistakes.

As someone who has always tried to ‘get things right’ this was an incredibly important journey for me. The course encourages play and trying new things, which was incredibly new and daunting to me. Over time, however, with support and assistance from my teachers, I am learning every day how to let go of my inhibitions and reject the ‘right or wrong’ mindset that I walked in with.

Ultimately, I feel so prepared for the future (albeit mildly terrified), because the Acting course has provided me with the skills and mindset I need. The collaboration with other courses has given me industry experience and connections I know will be useful later on. Falmouth has truly become a second home to me. 

I hope this has helped give you some insight into the Acting course! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you want 😊

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