How collaboration fuels creativity for our Dance community

10 April 2024

Dance & Choreography | Open Improvisation with Body & ...

Collaboration is at the heart of our Dance & Choreography BA degree, and the regular 'Body &' events offer students the chance to connect and experiment with students across our creative university. 

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The regular 'Body &' events, run by the Dance & Choreography BA course team, offers students studying across the University the chance to experiment and connect with each other. In this interview, staff and students tell us more about the open improvisation events. 

Introducing the Body & event, Dance & Choreography BA Course Leader Dr Sue Smith said: "It is an event where we invite students from any course across the University to come together, and just enjoy exploring their creativity. Our students come from a range of different kinds of backgrounds so we like to provide opportunities for them to find each other, to explore new expressions of what dance and choreography can mean."

Third-year student Clara, who has attended many of the sessions, said of the event: "We don't have any pressure, we just exist in the space, share the energy and just explore and do whatever we want. And it's so freeing, but also at the same time so powerful."

Talking about the sense of community and collaboration opportunities on the course, Clara went on to say: "What I found amazing about this course in general is the fact that it's not only dancers, it's like such a big community of artists. It’s so nice to have this huge community that we can feed off each other."

Fellow student Joern said: "Everyone is very tight knitted and warm. All these good positive vibes allow me to feel comfortable in this space. It makes me feel that I can take the risks to be the artist that aim to be and that has been an eye-opening experience for me as a dancer."

Asked what makes the Dance & Choreography BA course at Falmouth so unique, Dr Sue Smith said: "One of the special things about studying Dance & Choreography at Falmouth University is that we consider our students to be artists from the day that they arrive. and it's the creativity that fuels their development, either as technical dance artists or as the daring choreographers of the future."

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