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Creative Events Management BA(Hons)

Design and deliver innovative events for the future.

Key details
Penryn Campus
Course duration
3 years / 4 years
Full-time / Professional Placement
UCAS code
N820 / PY17

Course overview

Learn how to make events to remember, from fashion shows, weddings and sporting occasions to commercial events such as product launches, conferences and exhibitions. You’ll study the cultural sector and the principles and practicalities of effective event management under the guidance of our industry-connected academic team, before working collaboratively to design and deliver outstanding experiences. Involving a significant hands-on element, with sustainability and inclusivity at its core, this course will equip you with the technical, creative and commercial skills to stage events beyond the ordinary.   

Why study this course at Falmouth?

  • This course is accredited by A Greener Future and event accessibility charity Attitude is Everything 
  • We take a pioneering approach to event accessibility and responsible practice, producing graduates ready for active involvement in a more future-facing industry    
  • Nothing beats experience: you’ll organise four assessed live events over the three-year course, with the chance to specialise in an area you’re passionate about. You can also take micro-placements – previous destinations range from Cornwall to California 
  • You’ll be based in a creative arts university, buzzing with energy and ideas, and can network while you learn with our industry partners and connections   
  • Recent graduates have taken up positions at Hello Partner, The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew and Spread a Smile 

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Course details

BA(Hons) Creative Events Management course video

Through this uniquely creative event management degree, you'll explore the cultural sector's history, politics and other contexts, and take a creative and entrepreneurial approach to products, services and communications.    

Building individual and teamwork skills, you'll apply cultural management practices like development, marketing and project management to your own productions. You'll also develop critical research and analytical skills, and improve your learning by investigating ideas and practices. 

Course study options 

You can gain your Creative Events Management BA(Hons) degree in three years or choose to add a professional placement year. Discover the full course details for each study option, below. 

In the first year of your Creative Events Management degree you’ll develop your foundational knowledge of the industry and its impact on the world. You’ll gain an understanding of organisations and events planning processes across regional, national and international working environments as well as developing your professional skills in teamworking and presentation delivery. 


Attendee Experience

In this module, you’ll explore the motivations and key considerations of attendees. This will include the online experience, functional physical environment, attendee and staff interaction, use of digital technology and venue design. You will also consider how post-experience communication can impact attendee perceptions.  

Exploring Sustainability

In this module you’ll be inspired to engage with sustainable development. By examining the social, environmental and economic impact of creative events, you’ll explore how these can be addressed to create a better world.

Contemporary Events Industry

During this module you’ll look at the events industry in its contemporary context. You’ll explore the nature and scale of the event industry, the job roles that exist within it, and the impact of events from a sustainability perspective. 


Looking at how wellbeing is connected to experience management and wider aspects of customer satisfaction, you’ll explore ways to develop wellbeing as a customer offer while addressing its importance within an organisation. Crucially, you’ll reflect upon the value of wellbeing for your own personal and professional development.  

Live Event Production 

A high-quality event can be the most enjoyable and ‘real’ experience that an individual can take part in. This module will allow you to design a captivating event and work with a small team of peers to deliver it. 

Promotional Communications 

You’ll create a promotional communications campaign that is designed to respond to the needs of an identified client. Through the development of the campaign, you’ll explore concepts such as positioning and messaging, and focus on achieving high impact communications. 

In year two you’ll deepen your understanding of the events industry and what it takes to run live events. Getting to grips with finance, legal and data insights, you’ll use the expertise you’re building by working with your peers to deliver live events projects. From concept, to planning, to execution and review, you’ll become a confident events manager. 


Financial Management

Developing an understanding of different financial concepts and processes, you’ll learn to analyse financial statements, engage in financial planning and explore sources of finance. You’ll then create a grant funding bid proposal that outlines a proposed project including financial statements and projection.

Research Methods 

In this module, you’ll undertake a research project using ethically sound primary and secondary research methods. You’ll then present your project in the form of a poster presentation which will detail your methodology and findings. 

Live Digital Event Project 

In this module you’ll get the opportunity of running a live digital event of your own creation. Building on your event management skills, you’ll also learn about how events can be delivered in different formats in the digital space. 

Collaborative Working 

In this module, you’ll learn about the concept of ‘design thinking’. In multi-skilled teams you’ll work on a live brief and deliver a practical project, which you’ll then evaluate through a team performance review. 

Project Management 

You’ll be taught a range of project management processes, including scope definition, objective setting, time planning, and evaluation methods. You’ll also examine alternative approaches to project management, including both waterfall and agile methodology, and learn how to apply these approaches to a variety of contexts. 

Live Corporate Event Project 

In this module, you’ll work in a small collaborative team to devise and deliver an innovative corporate event. You’ll examine contemporary challenges and opportunities facing business event managers and creative solutions to produce a successful live event. 

You can choose to take an optional professional placement after your second year on a three-year programme.

You’ll be responsible for finding your own placement, with support from the employability team. 

Choosing this option will enhance your industry experience and skills while studying. 

How you’ll study during your professional placement

You’ll spend time working in a professional context, as part of a business or organisation. This can be in one role, or up to three, and must be for a minimum of 24 weeks. 

You’ll develop in-demand workplace skills, deepen your insight into industry and grow your network of contacts, all of which could help you get ahead in your career after graduation. 

Throughout this year, you’ll develop a portfolio of work that includes critical self-reflection on what has been learned from the experience. You’ll be required to evidence your experiences, the skills you’ve learned and your professional growth. 

In year three of your degree, you’ll build on your leadership and management expertise. Expanding your professional skillset, you’ll learn how to make challenging decisions, operate in crisis situations and project manage effectively. You’ll look beyond university to launching your career, by building a professional portfolio and developing your independent research skills, before solidifying all you’ve learned in the delivery of a final major event project. 


Event Design & Development 

By exploring technical and creative processes used in event design, you’ll be able to understand how these are used to create events that meet and exceed audience expectations. You’ll have the opportunity to consider specific event contexts and how these considerations inform the Event Design Document. 


You’ll review a range of leadership models, styles and frameworks, building on your understanding of leadership practice and its impact on organisations. You then complete a leadership self-assessment, engaging in a comprehensive reflection and development process. 

Crisis Management for Events

Here, you’ll develop your ability to deal with complex crisis situations. Working in a realistic multidisciplinary team, you’ll experience a live crisis scenario and will be assessed on your ability to respond to and evaluate it. Throughout the experience, you’ll consider crowd management, venue and site management and attendee behaviour. 

Professional Development 

Reflecting on your own professional development, you’ll build a portfolio that documents your skills and experience gained throughout this degree. Through this exercise, you’ll learn the value of using reflective practice to inform your own personal and professional development. 

Futures Research 

In the form of a research project, you’ll address the important aspects of a topic of your choice. Supported by a research supervision team, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the theoretical and applied landscape within your field of interest. 

Final Major Event Project 

In this module, you’ll work in a team to research, design, implement and evaluate a major event. During this project, you’ll develop your practice around setting and measuring objectives, event plan writing, diversity and accessibility, crowd management and evaluating event equality. 

The modules above are those being studied by our students, or proposed new ones. Programme structures and modules can change as part of our curriculum enhancement and review processes. If a certain module is important to you, please discuss it with the Course Leader.

"During the captivating three-day performances, we witnessed the potential of haptic floor technology in fostering accessibility and inclusivity in a live performance."

– Dr Antti Sakari Saario

Transforming live music experiences for people who are deaf

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Student events go digital

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Events Student Launches Big Falmouth Food Book
Falmouth Food Book - compilation

Events Student Launches Big Falmouth Food Book

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To complete their studies, third-year students from BA(Hons) Creative Events Management work in smal...

Events Student Launches Big Falmouth Food Book
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Group of Falmouth students sitting in seventies inspired space with orange curtains

How you'll learn & be assessed

You’ll work on live briefs and projects, delivering real events and evaluating their success. These activities will be complemented by expert guest speakers, lectures, discussion-based seminars and practical workshops. This means you’ll have the opportunity to develop your understanding of a subject through discussion and then experiment with your own practical application. You’ll also take part in a range of trips to gain an understanding of creative events management in a real-world context. 

At Falmouth, we use a 'digitally enhanced learning & teaching' approach. Your experience will always be predominantly in-person, including seminars, tutorials and studio teaching, with some, more targeted elements, being online either live (synchronous) or pre-recorded (asynchronous). You can read more here.

You'll be assessed with 100% practical assessments and coursework. 

Assessment methods 

  • You’ll be assessed through portfolios, event delivery and written assignments which may include: essays, reports, project documents, portfolios or business plans 
  • You’ll also take part in practical assessments such as a crisis management simulation, digital and industry panel presentations and the delivery of your own events. 

Assessments and feedback will be distributed throughout each study block to enable you to continually develop your skills throughout the course. 


  • Specialist studio spaces licensed for public events, lecture theatres and seminar rooms. 
  • A digital box office system to support your professional practice. 
  • A production space for group work. 
  • Libraries housing 140,000 books, 17,000 DVD and video titles, radio archives, and electronic and journal resources. 


Your course team are industry professionals dedicated to enhancing sustainability and equality in the events industry. With interests from food and hospitality to wellbeing and the arts, to music, accessible design and crisis management, our staff have a wealth of experience for you to learn from. Complementing your course team are the industry speakers who will come and deliver guest lectures, giving you fresh insights into the contemporary events industry. 

Some members of staff only teach on specific modules, and your course might not feature every staff member who teaches on the course.

Matt Kirby

Course Coordinator: Creative Events Management

Matt has over 15 years' events management experience including working at creative agency Imaginatio...

Matt Kirby

Dr Donna Poade

Senior Lecturer in Experience Design (Tourism)

Donna is Senior Lecturer in Experience Design (Tourism) at Cornwall Business School and joined in Au...

Dr Donna Poade

Natalie Semley

Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Tourism Management

Growing up in a traditional seaside resort on the North coast of Cornwall, Natalie Semley has a deta...

Natalie Semley

Helen Worthington

Senior Lecturer, Experience Design, Cornwall Business School

Helen Worthington is a Senior Lecturer at Falmouth University in the Faculty of Business & Exper...

Helen Worthington


On completion of this distinctive course, you’ll emerge with a wide range of valuable skills needed for work in the dynamic event sector. You’ll have the expertise for the following diverse range of roles: 

  • Event Management Organisations 
  • Venue Operators 
  • Corporate Organisations 
  • Marketing Agencies 
  • Public Agencies and Local Authorities 
  • The Creative Industries sector 
  • Tourist Attractions & Destinations 
  • The Weddings & Hospitality Sector 

Recent graduates have worked within the following roles: 

  • Event Manager 
  • Digital Marketing Officer 
  • Campaign Consultant 
  • Assistant Agent 
  • Peer Learning Officer 
  • Studio Manager 
  • Wedding Organiser 
  • Resilience Manager 

What can I do with an events degree?

The professional and commercial skills taught on a Business, Marketing or Events degree can be applied to almost any sector, opening a world of possibilities for future careers.

What can I do with a business degree?
An audience sat around tables at an event

How to apply

Ready to join us? You can apply for September 2024 through UCAS. You'll need to reference the course and University code (F33).

Apply via UCAS

Course route UCAS code
Creative Events Management BA(Hons) three year degree N820
Creative Events Management BA(Hons) with professional placement PY17

All applications are considered on their individual merit and we welcome applications from all subject backgrounds including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, the arts or humanities.

Course route Entry requirements
BA/BSc(Hons) three year degree 104 – 120 UCAS Tariff points
BA/BSc(Hons) four year degree with professional placement 104 – 120 UCAS Tariff points

Check the title of your course to see if it's a BA or BSc award. UCAS Tariff points will primarily be from Level 3 qualifications such as but not limited to A-levels, T Levels, a BTEC/UAL Extended Diploma or a Foundation Diploma.

Check how many points your qualifications are worth

For applicants whose first language is English we require you to have or be working towards GCSE English Language Grade 4 (C), or equivalent. 

If English is not your first language you will need to meet the same standard which is equivalent to the IELTS Academic 6.0 overall score, with at least 5.5 in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. We accept a range of in country equivalencies and approved tests.  

If you need a student visa to study in the UK, you may need to take a recognised language test. You can read our English Language Requirements for more information.

For starting your studies in 2024

UK applications: 31 January 2024 (for equal consideration)

Applications after the 31 January will be considered on a first-come, first-served as long as there are places available. Apply for this course now.

International fee payers

International fee payers can apply throughout the year. But we recommend applying as early as possible, to make time for visa and travel arrangements.

Fees, costs & funding

Tuition fees for September 2024 entry

Annual tuition fee Student
£9,250 per year Full-time UK
£17,950 per year Full-time EU/international
£1,850 per professional placement year Full-Time UK and EU/international

Tuition fees for September 2025 will be confirmed in summer 2024.

Tuition fees are set annually and are subject to review each year. The University may therefore raise tuition fees in the second or subsequent years of a course, in line with inflation and/or the maximum permitted by law or Government policy. Students will be notified of any changes as soon as possible. 

The figures above don't include accommodation and living costs

Typical course costs

Recurring annual costs 

  • £100 - to cover course materials 

One-off costs for the duration of the course 

  • £600 - Personal laptop 

  • £50-£250 - compulsory trips, final portfolios or shows, etc 

Optional study trips 

  • £300 - Optional study visits and placements for the course duration 

All domestic study trips are included within the course tuition fees. 

If you need to bring equipment or materials with you, these will be outlined in your Welcome Letter.

Ask a student

What better way to find out about life at Falmouth University than by asking our current students?

From course details and academic support, to the social scene and settling in, our students are ready and available to answer any questions you might have. Simply set up your account, send them a question and they'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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