Why I chose Creative Events Management

27 January 2021
A group of Creative Event Management BA(Hons) students huddled round looking at a phone

Event management was not where I thought I was going in life. If you’d have asked me what I wanted to do 5 years ago, I would have shrugged my shoulders and maybe muttered journalism. That was before I discovered the Creative Events Management (CEM) course at Falmouth.

When I came down south for my first ever open day, it was love at first sight with CEM. Little did I know then that love would only grow and spur me on through some of the best three years of my life.

One element of the course that sticks out to me when I think about it, are the staff. The CEM team are out of this world. With a wide range of experience and outlooks on academia, there’s always someone available to help you, talk to or guide you through an especially tough assignment. When I’ve struggled through both personal and academic troubles, the team were there to support me and get me the help I needed in order to succeed!

The CEM team are out of this world.

The content of the course is also exceptional. It’s ever evolving to fit in with this fast-paced industry, the CEM course is unique in just how much you can get your hands on. With academic opportunities, to holding events, plenty of chances to do placements and real-life experiences are weaved into the course expertly, mixing academia and hands on experience to create the perfect event management experience.

This hands-on approach is unique, with most courses of a similar nature following a rigid academic structure with little to no opportunities to get your hands dirty. But that’s not the only unique component of the course. I love how much the course explores the culture around events. Within your time here you dive into history, politics and other contexts as well as culture management practices like marketing and project management. These broaden your horizons into industries you’d never even considered. I didn’t realise how much I enjoy leading projects and events until I joined the course!

Finally, I have to address the cohort. The people you do the course side by side with. Coming into the course from such a long way up country, I was frightened I would be without friends, which turned out to be the furthest from the case. The creative events crew feel like family because of our shared passion and love for what we do. Everyone brings a new perspective to the table and we adore listening to everyone’s outlook. Along with the CEM’S integration with the Music, Theatre & Entertainment Management, the sheer number of awesome individuals you get to work with is fantastic.

Overall, I couldn’t recommend the course enough for any budding event managers, or for anyone interested in the industry. 

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