Business & Management BSc(Hons)

Penryn Campus
2 years full-time
Direct line
01326 213730
Subject to validation during this academic year

This accelerated degree will equip you with a solid foundation in business management. You'll gain skills and knowledge in specialist emerging markets, like FinTech, and other high growth areas. 

Entrepreneurialism is embedded in the learning experience of this course. You'll have opportunities to develop your skills in a real-world context, and in some cases set up a business. You'll be supported by a tailored package of career acceleration support from day one, ensuring you can put your skills and experience to best use as you move into your career of choice.


  • A fast-track, accelerated degree specifically designed to prepare you for industry
  • Real life scenarios and work placements
  • A comprehensive 'MBA style' talent development package, with mentoring, interview practice and support with finding placements

How the course is taught

Modules typically consist of a weekly one-hour lecture, followed by a two-hour seminar. In addition, you'll receive weekly coaching that helps to bridge the knowledge gained to your business team's innovations. Guest lectures will be built into the course to provide fresh industry perspectives. Field trips to various businesses may also be included in the course.

Course outline

From day one you'll apply what you learn to live contexts. You'll form business teams to identify new business ideas or solutions to existing problems. This could be a new product or a way of doing something differently. It could be an opportunity for a small business, or a solution for a large multinational. 

The course is specifically designed to take you through the process of building a business plan, which you'll develop and potentially implement. Through working in your team, you'll continue to build your management skills. As a result, in addition to the skills and knowledge you will have acquired through your degree, you'll hold real-life experience of conceptualising and managing within a real business.

Our modules are divided into three categories: 'External', 'Internal' and 'You'. To ensure that you're learning is well balanced, each trimester you'll choose one module from each category. 'External' modules focus on looking outwards, and include market research, customers and industry partners. 'Internal' modules are concerned with how businesses manage themselves – their finances, operations and people. 'You' modules focus on your own personal development. This includes skills such as thinking creatively, self-reflection, and specialist knowledge.

What you'll do

Stage One

You'll learn about a range of business topics. You'll appreciate who the key players in business are, the key issues facing businesses today and gain insight on where it is going. You'll learn about finance, marketing, economics and businesses around the world.

Through our field trip programme, you'll be able to experience how businesses work in practice. You'll develop as an individual, and will learn to be confident working in teams, presenting and pitching ideas and making suggestions.

Stage Two

You'll develop specialist skills and knowledge that will make you stand out as a business student and future graduate. You'll gain the confidence to critically assess and challenge perspectives, as opposed to simply describing them. You'll learn to think and express yourself on a much deeper level in terms of what business development management is, and will recognise the essential skills you are strong in and those you need to develop further.

Stage Three

You'll apply essential business skills and knowledge to real-life situations, making you fully equipped to embark on your personal career path. You'll undertake a substantive piece of academic work – either an applied project, a work placement or a dissertation. Accomplishing this task will give you the self-confidence in your ability to complete difficult and potentially complex tasks.


We have a dedicated space for your course and encourage you to make use of our facilities that include:

  • Professional design and prototyping tools
  • IT suites and software packages
  • Excellent media facilities for producing promotional material and audio-visual content
  • Libraries housing a collection of 140,000 books, 17,000 DVD and video titles, and electronic and journal resources


  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Recruitment
  • Banking
  • Industrial relations