Student Spencer Hogg making a sound recording of a sculpture

Fine Art MA (Online)

Tap into Falmouth’s renowned fine art expertise from your home and studio.

Key details
Course duration
2 years

Course overview

Falmouth School of Art challenges student artists to explore and address both the contemporary moment and the developing future. On this online MA course, you’ll learn to build a sustainable practice that engages with global political, economic, social and ecological change. 

You’ll be supported to experiment and collaborate within an international network of peers and professionals. Our lecturers and tutors are practising artists, curators, writers and researchers, building knowledge cooperatively with students in flexible online spaces. You’ll make a body of work that culminates in an ambitious public-facing project, wherever you are in the world. 

Why study this course at Falmouth?

• Be supported to try new ways of working, deepen your material knowledge and develop your analytical skills 

• Be informed by the wide range of expertise our artist lecturers and tutors bring to the course, supported by a dynamic programme of online guest lectures and workshops

• Build an understanding of historical and contemporary contexts, networks and opportunities within the professional art world

• Consider the impact of your practice and ask how it engages with global conversations

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Start dates: January / May / September

(Three intakes per year) 

Course details

Fine Art MA (Online) | Falmouth University

Throughout this online Fine Art MA, you'll be challenged to experiment while developing and situating your practice within relevant fields of critical art practice. Foregrounding the importance of sustainability, collaboration and professional, ethical practice, you'll grow the ambition of your work as an artist.


The modules have been specifically designed to be studied in a non-linear order, with the order in which you’ll study the modules depending on when you begin the course. 


You will need to complete four 30-credit modules and one 60-credit Major Project (180 credits in total). All modules on the course are compulsory and must be passed in order to complete the award.

From module information to course aims and assessment criteria, discover the full course details for the MA.


You will need to complete four 30-credit modules (120 credits in total), and will not complete a Major Project. 

From module information to course aims and assessment criteria, discover the full course details for the PGDip.

Module details

The first module gives you an understanding of the contemporary global art context and lays the foundations for the following course modules.

Module 1 will challenge you to expand your thinking and focus on your own making. We do not expect that you have extensive previous knowledge of art theory or art history, but that you are curious and ready to engage in dialogue and constructive debate as we explore ideas and art practice.

By the end of the module, you will have deepened your understanding of your art practice, learned to present ideas and artworks in both multimedia and document form, and gained the knowledge to begin locating your practice within theoretical and practical contexts. 

The Fine Art MA builds each week, and you will apply the ideas we discuss to your own practice to develop your artwork and critical understanding. Often starting with a weekly question, we will address topics such as 'How do artworks create meaning?' and 'What is research within art practice?' or 'What is a sustainable art practice?'. These form a starting point to examine your own artwork and that of your peers, and we will also be joined by guest lectures on some weeks who further develop these ideas.

(30 credits)

This module asks you to open your practice to the many kinds of creative partnerships that can create a sustained and successful career.

No artist works in a vacuum, and all successful artists have developed tools to work with other people in a variety of capacities. We will ask you to identify collaborative partners and execute a project that is relevant to your wider interests as an artist.

This may take the form of working with other artists or creatives but can also include technicians or experts from other fields from whom you gain knowledge or expertise. The module is structured to help you build the skills to navigate complex and often fluid projects. You will learn communication and planning skills and gain insight into a huge variety and methods of collaborative practices.

By the end of the module you will have expanded the creative limits of your artwork and gained confidence working with others and managing projects. Additionally, you will have learned how sources outside your own fine art practice can enhance and expand your work and thinking. These are all valuable skills for artists who continually collaborate to help fabricate, show, or distribute their artwork.

(30 credits)

The sustainable strategies module addresses the larger impact of your work both environmentally but also economically, and considers how you can sustain an art practice for the long term. The module will give you the tools to understand how the 'big ideas' you have can become reality, and how you can be sensitive to their impact.

By exploring a variety of creative strategies involved in the production, resolution, and dissemination of your contemporary art practice, you'll be able to reflect upon the ways in which you can maintain your practice's sustainability.

Critically, you will consider your art practice in relation to personal, economic and environmental sustainability, and devise strategies and workflows that are conscious of environmental impact, your own wellbeing, and the long-term career development of your practice. On completing the module, you will be able to demonstrate a growing self-sufficiency in your professional practice.

(30 credits) 

Operating like a cultural critic or theorist, this module provides the opportunity for you to research historical and contemporary contexts. For example, this could be the debates, complex global networks and positions that surround your art practice. 

The subjects of this module will be in relation to your own art practice but not directly about it.

By the end of this module you will have fully-located how research operates within your practice. You will have gained much further insight into a specific subject area that surrounds your practice. You will also have gained an understanding of how this initial research could be extended into further study beyond the MA.

(30 credits) 

Drawing upon the knowledge and experiences gained from the previous four modules you will produce a revised project proposal leading to an ambitious, critical and professional project delivered to a public audience.

This project can take the approach of practice through research or research-informed practice. The final major project will focus your interest and should reflect your awareness of the contexts, collaborative possibilities, and sustainable goals of your practice. You will work continuously on your art practice over the course of two study blocks to realise this project.

You will demonstrate increasing autonomy in respect of your research skills and will build on your networks to support the development of your work. As the consideration of audiences and contexts are key concerns throughout the course, you are strongly encouraged to publish your final major project within the public domain. If appropriate, collaboration, and partnerships with individuals, groups, or institutions can also be a part of the final major project.

(60 credits)

As part of our process of continuous improvement, we routinely review course content to ensure that all our students benefit from a high-quality and rewarding academic experience. As such, there may be some changes made to your course which are not immediately reflected in the content displayed on our website. Any students affected will be informed of any changes made directly.

Student work 

'The international nature of the course was a pleasant surprise and definitely adds a dimension that you wouldn’t get elsewhere.'

 - Anna Turner, student

Stories from our community

Explore student projects, graduate successes, staff news and industry insights

An open sketchbook with flower drawings
Ken Nwadiogbu 2

Still from Ken Nwadiogbu's workshop

Falmouth artists take part in creative projects by mental health charity Hospital Rooms

02 July 2024

Artists from our Falmouth School of Art (FSA) are involved in the work of Hospital Rooms – a chari...

Falmouth artists take part in creative projects by mental health charity Hospital Rooms
A painting of a chef with pink, yellow and blue splodges of paint
Kamar Daboul

Work: Kamar Daboul

Introducing our Fine Art MA (Online) class of May 2024

03 June 2024

Discover the work and inspirations of our third cohort of online Fine Art master's graduates.

Introducing our Fine Art MA (Online) class of May 2024
A series of photographs in a gallery wall
Imaginary Edens/Photos of my Father in ‘Entangled Pasts’, Royal Academy, London, 2024

Mohini Chandra, 'Imaginary Edens/Photos of my Father' in 'Entangled Pasts, 1768-now', Royal Academy, London, 2024

Falmouth artists feature in Royal Academy of Arts exhibition on art, colonialism and change

24 April 2024

Works by esteemed Falmouth alumnus and Fellow Hew Locke OBE and Fine Art MA (Online) Module Leader D...

Falmouth artists feature in Royal Academy of Arts exhibition on art, colonialism and change
A painted portrait of a woman with curly blonde hair
Andela Tucakovic 3

How my Fine Art practice has transformed through postgraduate online study

14 March 2024

In this article, Fine Art MA (Online) student Andela Tucakovic discusses how studying Fine Art onlin...

How my Fine Art practice has transformed through postgraduate online study
Sculptures of bodies and heads in a gallery
Rebecca Barnard 2

Work: Rebecca Barnard

Introducing our Fine Art MA (Online) class of January 2024

30 January 2024

Discover the work and inspirations of our second cohort of online Fine Art master's graduates.

Introducing our Fine Art MA (Online) class of January 2024
Fine Art online student Karina sat on a sofa with a dog in her lap
Karina Busquets

Meet online Fine Art master's student Karina Busquets

30 November 2023

We visited Fine Art MA (Online) student Karina Busquets at home to chat about her work and how study...

Meet online Fine Art master's student Karina Busquets
Artist Spencer Hogg wearing a neon yellow jacket
Spencer Hogg portrait

From international rail industry expert to award-winning multidisciplinary artist

19 September 2023

Spencer Hogg’s creative journey isn’t the kind you hear about every day. With an illustrious car...

From international rail industry expert to award-winning multidisciplinary artist
A white ceramic sculpture
Bridget Macklin

Work: Bridget Macklin  Photo: Robin Shelton

Introducing our online Fine Art master's graduates: Class of 2023

11 September 2023

Discover the work and inspirations of first cohort of online Fine Art master's graduates.

Introducing our online Fine Art master's graduates: Class of 2023
Digital collage by artist Adam Chodzko
Adam Chodzko 'woven time - a girdle of fig leaves' 2021

Adam Chodzko 'woven time - a girdle of fig leaves' 2021

Online Fine Artists come together for Spring Symposium

26 June 2023

The first ever Spring Symposium, bringing together Fine Art MA (Online) students, staff from across ...

Online Fine Artists come together for Spring Symposium
Artist and student Cindy Powell stood next to her mural of wildlife at Paddington station in London
Cindy Powell with mural

Falmouth Fine Art student creates Paddington station mural celebrating railway wildlife

10 May 2023

A new mural at London Paddington station, highlighting the diversity of habitats and creatures found...

Falmouth Fine Art student creates Paddington station mural celebrating railway wildlife
A screen showing artwork by an online Fine Art MA student
Claudia Goodgoll

Resources and Support

  • Dedicated easy-to-use virtual learning environment (VLE)
  • Accessible online audio / visual content
  • A Student Advisor to support you throughout your studies and access to our Student Support Services
  • Access to our Employability Service
  • 24/7 access to Falmouth's extensive online library of contextual books, journals and resources
  • Access to online software tutorials at LinkedIn Learning
  • Students' Union community
  • Optional in-person events
  • Invitation to attend alumni events

Although online students don't have access to on-campus facilities as part of the course, you can hire equipment and access facilities by paying a charge. Find out more about availability and prices here.

An online student on their laptop
Is online study for me banner

Is Online Study for Me?

The creative culture at our core is not confined to our Cornwall campuses; with our online degrees, ...

Is Online Study for Me?
Two women and a man seated at a desk with a laptop and print outs
Falmouth staff at table

Online Learning Support

You'll have access to a range of support throughout your studies with us to help you thrive and deve...

Online Learning Support
BA Creative Writing (Online) students meeting each other for the first time
BA Creative Writing (Online) students meeting each other for the first time

Creative Writing BA(Hons) (Online) in-person event © Ellie Hope / © Mayn Creative

In-Person Events

As an online student at Falmouth, you’ll have the opportunity to attend in-person events throughou...

In-Person Events
Person sat at laptop working with design book
Interior Design online 2024

Parents & Carers Guide to Online Study

See how you can support a student considering an online degree at Falmouth.  

Parents & Carers Guide to Online Study

How will I learn & be assessed

How online study works

You'll learn through a blend of lectures, webinars, guest talks, tasks and discussion forums, which you'll access via our dedicated virtual learning environment. This is also where you'll find all key documentation, get course announcements and access extensive learning resources.

How will I be supported?

You'll be supported academically by Online Tutors, who will also deliver weekly webinars and facilitate the online forums. If you need assistance with anything that isn't directly related to course material, a dedicated Student Advisor team will be on hand to help. You'll also have access to Falmouth University's excellent Employability Service.

You'll refine dynamic art practices, spending 20-25 hours a week working on your craft. We incorporate optional live events for all our online students. There will be up to two per year and will typically run over a long weekend, to fit around your other commitments.

What are my study hours?

A postgraduate student should dedicate at least 20-25 hours per week for study.

Find out more about learning online

Assessment methods

Assessment provides the course team with a means of offering tailored guidance alongside advice on how to progress knowledge and skills in key areas that relate to the course Learning Outcomes. The course team will identify your strengths and weaknesses as an individual and discuss them with you throughout your time on the course.

You will be assessed via coursework at the end of each module in the form of visual, verbal and written assignments. You will also receive regular feedback via webinars, Q&As and workshops with your peers.


The Fine Art MA course is taught by a range of practicing artists with strong global networks. Coming from diverse backgrounds and practices, they're well placed to guide your own unique development. You'll also enhance your understanding of global contemporary practice through a programme of international guest speakers, including artists, curators, critical thinkers, producers and gallerists.

Josie Cockram headshot

Josie Cockram

Course Lead, MA Fine Art (Online)

Josie is an artist, lecturer and contemporary art curator based in Devon, UK. She works with moving ...

Josie Cockram

Dr Kate Fahey

Lecturer & Module Leader, Fine Art MA (online)

Kate Fahey is an artist and researcher working with print, sculpture, moving image, sound and instal...

Dr Kate Fahey
Mohini Chandra headshot

Dr Mohini Chandra

Module Leader, Fine Art MA (Online)

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art Chandra has exhibited widely, including: Paradise Now...

Dr Mohini Chandra
Joanna headshot

Dr Joanna Griffin

Associate Lecturer, Drawing BA(Hons) & Fine Art MA (Online)

I am an artist and educator from the UK with a research interest in the experiential dimension of sp...

Dr Joanna Griffin

Dr Lucy A. Sames

Tutor, MA Fine Art (online)

Lucy is a curator and researcher living and working between London, Bristol and South Wales.  ...

Dr Lucy A. Sames

Srinivas Surti

Tutor, MA Fine Art (online)

I completed an MA in Fine Art at St. Martins School of Art in 2002 and since then, I have been exhib...

Srinivas Surti

Evan Ifekoya

Collaborative Practices Module Lead, Fine Art MA (Online)

Evan Ifekoya’s work in community organising, installation, performance, sound, text and video is a...

Evan Ifekoya
Luke Dowd headshot

Luke Dowd

Online Tutor, Fine Art MA (Online)

I work through, or have worked through, processes that can be described as painting, screen printing...

Luke Dowd
Flora Bowden

Flora Bowden

Online Tutor, Fine Art MA (Online)

Flora Bowden is an artist, researcher, and educator. Her practice is centred around painting, drawin...

Flora Bowden
Dr Mary Anne Francis

Dr Mary Anne Francis

Tutor, MA Fine Art (Online)

Mary Anne is an artist and writer with a long history of teaching Fine Art and related subjects at a...

Dr Mary Anne Francis
Charlie Duck staff image

Charlie Duck

Module Leader and Lecturer, Drawing BA(Hons)

Working across painting, drawing, printmaking and ceramics, Charlie's practice is dedicated to exper...

Charlie Duck

Some members of staff only teach on specific modules, and your course might not feature every staff member who teaches on the course.

Portrait of Fine Art MA (online) course leader Josie Cockram
Josie Cockram

Meet your course leader, Josie Cockram

Josie Cockram is an artist, lecturer and contemporary art curator. We chatted to her about her journey as an artist, the online master's course and why art matters in the world today. 

Read more


As a Fine Art MA graduate, you could become:

  • Practicing artists
  • Curators and art exhibition or festival organisers
  • Arts teachers, lecturers and technicians
  • Art critics, journalists and publishers
  • Social entrepreneurs or campaigners
  • Research/PhD students

How to apply

Speak to us about the course

If you'd like to talk to an Advisor about this course or your application, get in touch with us via the form below.

Ask us a question

Apply now

Ready to apply for postgraduate study? We have three start dates a year: January / May / September. Select the start date you'd like to apply for in the drop-downs below and then click the relevant apply button to begin.


An honours degree or Level 6 equivalent qualification is desirable. However, candidates without a degree or formal qualification are still encouraged to apply. If you'd like to discuss our entry requirements, speak to an advisor.

We'll ask you to provide a portfolio of your most recent work when you apply. You'll need to submit a PDF or single link to your online portfolio. Your portfolio should include 10-15 images, films, or audio artworks. All of the pieces should be captioned with their title, material, size, duration, and date. Please also provide a 300-500 word portfolio statement that outlines the ideas and intentions of your practice.

If you'd like to talk to us about your application, get in touch.

If your first language is not English, you'll need to take an English Language test.  We accept: 

  • IELTS - minimum overall score of IELTS 6.5 with at least 6.0 in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening 
  • TOEFL iBT (online test) - minimum of 88 overall and at least 21 in all 4 components 
  • LanguageCert (online test) - a High Pass from the ESOL B2 Communicator test in reading, writing, speaking and listening (2 parts) 

We also accept a range of other recognised English language qualifications.  You can visit our English Language Requirements page for more information. 

For more information about equivalent international qualifications or English language requirements please contact our friendly Course Advisors

What we're looking for

We're looking for critically engaged practitioners who are looking to refine their practice and build global cooperative networks.

This course has three intakes per year: January, May and September.

Academic start date* Application deadline
23 September 2024 2 September 2024
20 January 2025 8 January 2025
26 May 2025 6 May 2025

Please note:

*Virtual Welcome Week begins the week before the academic start date. During this time, our Student Advisor team will host Welcome Webinars and be in touch with practical information on how to study online.

An Early Bird discount is available for early applications. Currently the scheme offers up to £600 off MA tuition fees: £300 if you apply by the Early Bird discount submission deadline, and a further £300 off your tuition fees if you receive an offer and within two weeks you accept the place and pay the acceptance fee. Both these payments would be applied to your final fee instalment. Please note the discount amount is subject to change for future intakes.

Early Bird discount submission deadline Academic start date
5 August 2024 23 September 2024
25 November 2024 20 January 2025
31 March 2025 26 May 2025

To discuss all our discount opportunities, contact an advisor.

Speak to an advisor

Fees, costs & funding

Tuition fees

£12,150 total fee (incl. acceptance fee) - 2 years part time - MA/MSc course

£7,921 total fee (incl. acceptance fee) - PGDip course

£12,150 total fee (incl. acceptance fee) - 2 years part time - MA/MSc course

£7,921 total fee (incl. acceptance fee) - PGDip course

Tuition fees for September 2026 will be confirmed in summer 2025.

Tuition fees are set annually and are subject to review each year. The University may therefore raise tuition fees in the second or subsequent years of a course, in line with inflation and/or the maximum permitted by law or Government policy. Students will be notified of any changes as soon as possible. 

The figures above don't include accommodation and living costs

Typical course costs

As part of studying MA Fine Art you will require:


You will need a laptop or computer with a webcam, for virtual learning. You'll also need a good internet connection and data allowance capable of supporting video meetings and streaming.

Digital camera

We would recommend you have a digital camera capable of making still and moving image to document your work (this could be a good phone camera).

Resources and materials

You will also need to sustain your practice through managing your own resources. Depending on your own artistic style, you may wish to have a dedicated space in your home, access to a studio, materials, tools or necessary hardware and software to produce digital work.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Depending on the mediums you choose to work in, you may require access to Adobe Creative Cloud. You may be eligible for discounted licenses through Adobe's education pricing and Falmouth University seeks to provide further discounts when possible. If any discounts are available, we will communicate these to you.

For more information please visit Adobe Creative Cloud.

Optional in-person events

You will be expected to cover your own travel, accommodation and subsistence costs to attend these events. 

Ask a student

What better way to find out about life at Falmouth University than by asking our current students?

From course details and academic support, to the social scene and settling in, our students are ready and available to answer any questions you might have. Simply set up your account, send them a question and they'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Speak to an advisor

Do you have questions about the course or studying online with Falmouth? Fill in our simple online form and we'll get in touch to support your application journey.

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