Studying a degree in Computing or Games will open doors for an exciting and potentially lucrative career in a variety of industries. 

Career options

There has never been a better time to study a Computing or Games degree. From the Internet of Things and big data to augmented reality and machine learning, new developments in computing are becoming part of our everyday lives. Not to mention that gaming is the fastest-growing form of entertainment globally, with over 2.5 billion video gamers around the world. 

With the evolution of digital technologies, computing graduates are desirable to a range of employers in sectors such as aerospace and defence, cyber security, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, as well as IT consultancies and IT service providers. 

If you’ve always wanted to be a programmer, graphic artist or work for the big names in games, then a degree in a game specialism, such as game design, development or art, can lead to a rewarding career working in the industry. 

Job opportunities

Our Games and Computing degrees are designed to equip graduates for a broad range of careers. You could become a: 

  • Data Scientist 
  • Computer Scientist 
  • Programmer 
  • Data Analyst 
  • App Developers 
  • AI Programmers 
  • Software Engineer 
  • Network Engineer 
  • IT Consultant 
  • Chief Technical Officer 
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Game Animator
  • Game Designer 
  • 3D Modeller 
  • XR Specialists 
  • Machine Learning and AI specialists 
  • Roboticists 

Graduates in the spotlight

Our graduates have gone on to carve successful careers in the following roles: 

  • Game Designer at Supermassive Games 
  • AI Programmer at Gates of Amenti 
  • Junior Artist at Stainless Games 
  • Software Developer at Bluefruit Software 
Games Academy alumni release their latest game on Nintendo Switch

Games Academy alumni release their latest game on Nintendo Switch

07 June 2024

Studio 316, a Cornwall-based games studio which comprises of five former Falmouth University Games A...

Games Academy alumni release their latest game on Nintendo Switch
Photo of a student with shoulder length dark hair wearing round gold-framed glasses and a black t-shirt.
Fern Khaoroptham 2

Graduate shares her experience as an international student at Falmouth University

30 November 2022

Fern Khaoroptham shares her experience of moving from Thailand to Falmouth to study Game Development...

Graduate shares her experience as an international student at Falmouth University
Photo of Game Development graduate Madison Riley
Madison Riley

How the Games Academy helped this graduate realise her creative potential

17 February 2022

Madison Riley tells us how her degree helped her accelerate into the games industry.  ...

How the Games Academy helped this graduate realise her creative potential
Still from a game
Still from a game by graduate Izzy Ackrill
A still from Izzy's game

Graduate Completes First Game

02 March 2020

It's all go for Game Development graduate Isobel Ackrill, not only has she recently started working ...

Graduate Completes First Game
Animation still of a person shooting a bow and arrow at robots in the woods
Studio Mutiny final

Graduate Games Studio Wins National Prize

17 December 2019

Studio Mutiny, a team of Falmouth graduates, has won a major competition and scooped £25,000 from t...

Graduate Games Studio Wins National Prize
Arabella Collins portrait image
Arabella Collins game development women in gaming

Propelled in to the Real World

13 November 2019

Former BA(Hons) Games Development: Writing student, Arah Collins has made quick progress since gradu...

Propelled in to the Real World
A Falmouth University Games student smiling at a computer screen with a keyboard and mouse
Tom King (supermassive hire)

Student Hired by Supermassive Games

10 June 2019

Landing a role at a leading games company is an accomplishment regardless of where you are in your c...

Student Hired by Supermassive Games
Jade Ostle

Jade Ostle's Industry Insights

30 October 2018

After graduating from the Game Development course, Jade Ostle has secured a position as a Graduate L...

Jade Ostle's Industry Insights
Graduate Research Games

Graduate Presents AI Research at Games Conference

24 October 2018

Our Games Academy students work in ways that mirror real games studios and work on projects col...

Graduate Presents AI Research at Games Conference
RoBoats Success_03

Further Success for RoBoats

12 October 2018

Following their initial success on the Tranzfuser programme, Game Development team Animal Puree have...

Further Success for RoBoats

Postgraduate study

Games or Computing graduates could also go on to study a master’s degree. Postgraduate study is an opportunity to specialise in a particular area of the industry, such as UX design or artificial intelligence. 

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students in the games academy

Knowledge and skills

Our Games and Computing degrees offer the chance to specialise in a particular field, such as Data Science, Robotics or Esports. Through lectures and workshop-based teaching, our students gain professional skills in programming, mixed reality, software engineering, virtual reality, cloud computing, AI, machine learning and design thinking. If you study a Game Art or Game Animation degree, you’ll also build skills in drawing, composition, digital painting, 3D modelling, rigging, motion capture, character art, environment art and concept art. 

Our Games Academy is one of the largest dedicated game studio spaces of any UK university. Students have access to industry-standard technology, including portable VR systems, motion capture suits, 3D printers, mobile development kits, HoloLens devices, voiceover recording equipment and robotics R&D labs.

Student looking at book next to drawing tablet
Game art

Transferable skills

As well as specialist  knowledge and skills, students develop a variety of transferable skills that are desirable to a range of employers. These include: 

  • Leadership skills through project management and collaborative outputs 
  • Identifying, exploring, and solving problems​
  • Defining, collecting, analysing, and visualising data to inform decision making
  • Strong interpersonal skills through critiques, peer reviews, presentations and pitching
  • Exercising creativity in designing experiences for people, in addition to designing the underlying platforms that enable such experiences to exist​
  • Working collaboratively with people in other disciplines to produce products and services across many domains​
  • Advising on how technology can be harnessed to address complex, multidimensional challenges​
  • Entrepreneurial skills in marketing your work and building professional networks 

Career support

Our industry-focused Computing and Games degrees offer the chance to create original programs and games while you study. We put a focus on working in multi-skilled teams to realise projects with real commercial potential using approaches that mirror industry practice. Furthermore, several of our Computing degrees facilitate self-directed national and international work placements. 

Alongside their studies, students can also build industry networks by taking part in events such as the Global Game Jam and pitch their projects to industry professional at our annual Show and Tell day. 

When you study at Falmouth, you have access to our dedicated Employability Service. Students can sign up for weekly career workshops and events, take practice interviews and get support on CV writing or even going freelance. 

Our Computing & Games courses

Computer code
Computer code

Computer Science BSc(Hons)

New immersive realities, data-rich interactions, automations and ever-more ubiquitous systems are sh...

Computer Science BSc(Hons)
Student stood in front of large screen with code and graphs on
Data Science - 2023

Data Science BSc(Hons)

This course is no longer available. To join our creative community, explore our similar courses, inc...

Data Science BSc(Hons)
VR Virtual Reality student
VR Virtual Reality student

Computing for Games BSc(Hons)

Learn how to shape the games of the future by studying game development through the lens of computer...

Computing for Games BSc(Hons)
Students working on mulitple screens

Esports & Livestreaming BA(Hons)

Immerse yourself in Esports culture on this degree, which offers a unique opportunity to be at the f...

Esports & Livestreaming BA(Hons)
Games student working on digital game artwork on a screen.
Games Academy Slideshow 03

Game Development BA(Hons)

Join a community of people who have a passion for games. From day one, you’ll work as you would wi...

Game Development BA(Hons)
A person sat at two screens working on game animations
Game Animation 2024

Game Animation BA(Hons)

Gain experience of working to a real-time animation pipeline and graduate with a rich portfolio of w...

Game Animation BA(Hons)
A flying ship in computer graphics above a desert
Game Art 2024

Game Art BA(Hons)

Work in multi-skilled collaborative teams and graduate as a confident, industry-ready game artist. ...

Game Art BA(Hons)
Student wearing VR set
Immersive Computing - 2023

Immersive Computing BSc(Hons)

This course is no longer available. To join our creative community, explore our similar courses, inc...

Immersive Computing BSc(Hons)
Two students stood together working on a robot
Robotics 2024

Robotics BSc(Hons)

Explore the world of artificial intelligence and create interactive robots that respond to the chall...

Robotics BSc(Hons)
Illustration students in busy studio at desks drawing.
Illustration students working in a classroom
Illustration students

Integrated Foundation Year BA/BSc(Hons)

Explore your creativity and expand your professional skills by entering the creative industries on a...

Integrated Foundation Year BA/BSc(Hons)

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