Kirby Lyons (Jersey, Channel Islands)

Course: BA(Hons) Photography
Home country: Jersey, Channel Islands

Why Falmouth?

I chose Falmouth because of its high recommendations as being the best university of the arts. Also, coming from an island where I'm five minutes from the sea, it is lovely living next to the sea here; it has become a home away from home.

The most difficult thing about being an international student?

The most difficult thing about being an international student is not having your friends and the way of life from home at university, but that is the same for any student living in the UK or internationally. Over time you build a close relationship with both new friends and the staff here, it becomes a relaxing and enjoyable environment to be a part of.

How have you found the course?

At first I found it quite daunting, obviously starting any new job or education, but now in my second year, I can honestly say it is incredible. The freedom to create, which is encouraged here at Falmouth, and the help and support available, is superb.

What is your experience of the academic school?

Both my lecturers and the library team are always focused on giving the best advice, from books to gaining vital experience. The ASK team at the library are extremely helpful when you need extra support with coursework or improving writing skills for essays.

Are you involved with any clubs and societies?

There are a huge variety of societies to join. I am part of the Flexi Sports Club, which allows me to join a variety of sports across Falmouth, but nothing beats an hour at the University gym.

What social activities do you enjoy?

There are a few good bars and clubs in the Falmouth town centre. Also the Stannary on the University campus is a brilliant place, which holds fantastic themed parties on Saturdays, and also holds a variety of other events from open mic to movie nights.

What's the best thing about living in Falmouth?

The location of Falmouth University allows me to be a part of the upbeat local energy; the friendly locals respect the students and are very helpful. The views across the coastline are breathtaking, so when under a lot of stress, it's great to get out and about for the day to appreciate the beauty that is available.

What will you miss most about Falmouth when you leave?

I will miss the resources that are available, the variety of equipment is incredible, so I would say use it while you're there.

Has the University been supportive during your time here?

100%, they couldn't do anymore. Both the course and library teams are always there to give advice and help you with anything, from settling in on campus to finding the right book.

What advice would you give to students planning on coming to Falmouth?

Don't put any added pressure on yourself to fit in straight away, when being an international student it can be very scary moving away. Honestly, at first I was a bag of nerves, but you will find yourself here at Falmouth. Always remember everyone is in the same boat, be there for each other.

What are your plans for the future?

When I leave Falmouth I want to take a year out and travel. Then maybe further my education and do a Masters.

Published March 2014