Claudia Scacciancoe (Italy)


Course: BA(Hons) Illustration
Home country: Italy, Sicily

Why Falmouth?

Illustration at Falmouth University is a very well-known course in a beautiful part of England, it has originally been recommended from my Foundation teacher, since it embraces different ways of thinking and encourages diversity.

Living in a foreign country is a beautiful challenge, you get the chance not just to be more independent but also to learn another language and experience a new culture.

How have you found the course?

As expected this course is excellent, the tutors are brilliant working illustrators so they know the market very well. I have matured incredibly in only one year, cannot wait to be a third year student!

The facilities are great and in the library it is easy to find what you are looking for. If they don't have the book you need they can order it for you.

Are you involved with any clubs and societies?

I love acting and I am planning to join a drama society next year.

What social activities do you enjoy?

In my group of friends we are from all over the world. There is a great variety of cultures, "Macedonia culturale" I like saying, which means a mix of different fruits or, in this case, of cultures. With my friends we love organising cooking days, movie nights and a pub crawl where we bring our sketchbooks and draw all together.

What's the best thing about living in Falmouth?

Falmouth is a peaceful small town but I have been pleased and incredibly surprised to discover the beautiful surroundings that almost look like Sicily, (where I am from). Simply gorgeous.

What will you miss most about Falmouth when you leave?

I will miss the peaceful atmosphere, all the beautiful green areas and the lovely people ... There is nowhere like Falmouth.

Has the University been supportive during your time here?

I have been incredibly surprised about how much help the University does give, supporting every student. Many students including me are dyslexic and the University is perfectly prepared and assists us with this.

What advice would you give to students planning on coming to Falmouth University?

As foreign students, we were mostly worried about understanding everything during lecturers, essays and making friends. These have been just distant worries now, since none of those worries ever happened.

Lecturers are great and helpful; there are services that help foreign students with essays. Don't worry about making friends at all, it's a really friendly place; you will have lots of friends.

One last recommendation: be prepared to blown away by Falmouth.

The future?

I am definitely planning to keep travelling and studying around the world. We will see. Exciting times.

Published October 2015