Why I chose to study Fine Art at Falmouth Uni

02 May 2024

Colourful oil paintings on white walls.
Fine Art Ella Squirrel student work
Work by Ella Squirrel
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This article was written by Fine Art BA(Hons) student Jessie.

After finishing school, I was certainly overwhelmed by all of my choices for what I could do going forward. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue pursuing my passion in art or try something completely different, stay in my home state or move to a different country, or do something else entirely.

I decided to take a gap year, during which I visited Cornwall and took a tour of Falmouth Uni. I absolutely fell in love with the Uni and was so excited about the Fine Art course, so I decided that this was what I wanted to spend my next three years doing.

On my tour, I was amazed not only by the incredible beauty of the Falmouth Campus, but also by the huge breadth and quality of the technical facilities. Seeing facilities such as printmaking, etching, life drawing, and woodworking really impressed me and I already couldn’t wait to be a student so I could have full access to the campus. The ability to experiment and learn so many new skills really drew me to the course, as the possibilities for what I could do felt endless. This term, I did a collaborative project that involved building a shed in the wood workshop, which has been such an amazing experience. I had no background in woodworking, but I feel so much more confident now and am so proud of myself for learning this new skill with the help of the technicians and my peers.

Being from the U.S., I became completely enamored with the nature and beach life of Cornwall that is so different from my hometown. Moreover, the more relaxed, yet still lively, vibe of Falmouth is perfect for my personality. I find the incredible landscapes here to be very inspiring for my work and the student life to be just right for me. I really enjoy my nightlife when I’m in the mood for it, while also having so much to do during the day, such as clubs and societies, beautiful walks, cheap trips arranged by the Reslife team and, of course, working in my studio!

As an international student, I felt much more confident in my decision to come to Falmouth Uni after receiving such hands-on support from the uni in anything I needed, from securing my visa to dealing with mental health as a student. There are so many avenues and systems in place to support students in all different facets of life. 

In contrast to other unis I visited, I love Falmouth Uni’s Fine Art course because of the studio environment and overall attitude of students and tutors being so positive and comfortable. I have never experienced such a supportive and creative environment as my studio groups and I am grateful to not have to deal with competitiveness in the studio. The tutors are so genuine and welcoming, which has helped me to feel more comfortable asking for help and inviting feedback. I love going into the studio because it is such a safe and inspiring place to work.

Finally, I was drawn to Falmouth Uni's Fine Art because of the course’s balance of independence and direction. As an artist with my own artistic vision, I don’t like being told what I have to do, yet I still find structure really helpful and benefit a lot from feedback. The Fine Art course is great, because I am in control of the kind of work I make, while also having an abundance of time with my amazing tutors, who help me tremendously. 

If I could go back in time, I would definitely still choose to study Fine Art at Falmouth Uni. Finishing up my second year now, I am shocked at how quickly the last two years have gone by and am already thinking about how much I will miss the course when I graduate. I have grown so much as an artist and as a person since moving here, and I feel so grateful to be progressing my work every day through my degree. 

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