How to make the most of an Open Day

05 October 2023

Falmouth beach
Falmouth beach
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This article was written by Danielle. Danielle studies Journalism & Creative Writing BA(Hons) and can often be found in the Newsroom editing articles, sat in the Lighthouse reading or wandering the campus looking for squirrels.

So, you’ve signed up to an Open Day at Falmouth – what next? 

When I visited Falmouth University in person, it was a key day in solidifying my decision to study here. Visiting a university can be daunting, but there are a few things you can do to make the most of your time at an Open Day.  

First of all, it’s good to have an idea of what to expect when you arrive. There will be a meeting point on the day, where all the information stalls – such as Accommodation and Student Support – are located and this is also where the Campus Tours run from. Student Ambassadors and staff will be there to welcome you and point you in the right direction. Bookable academic sessions run throughout the day, which is where Course Leaders and Lecturers are scheduled to discuss the content of their courses and answer any questions you have about their modules. This is where I started to get a feel for what I would be studying and whether I would enjoy the topics we’d be discussing. You can also chat with current students to get an idea of their experiences first-hand.  

You will then get the chance to visit the subject-specific areas of campus – for me that was the Newsroom and Soundhouse for Journalism students and the Lighthouse, which is the Creative Writing room. Regardless of which campus your course is based on, you’re able to tour both Penryn and Falmouth campuses to see the shared facilities such as the Library and Students' Union. Spaces and technical facilities are available for students on any course to use (as long as they’ve been inducted), so if you have an interest in another subject area and you think you might like to use some of their equipment for your own projects, then allow some time to check out their studios as well! 

I suppose it’s only right that, as a Journalism student, my biggest piece of advice is to ask questions! Remember that the staff and Student Ambassadors are there to help you get all the details you need to make an informed decision about studying at Falmouth – so pick their brains! Which accommodation did you choose for your first year? What is your favourite place on campus? How do you access support outside of lectures? Do you go to any interesting societies? There’s no question that’s too big or small.  

Whilst you’re on campus, gather any leaflets that are being handed out, grab a copy of a prospectus, and make a note of any useful subject-specific website links. These can all be great resources to jog your memory when you get home from your Open Day and are trying to compare universities that you’ve visited, especially if you’re visiting a few months in advance of making your decision.  

Seeing as you’ve made the trip to visit Falmouth (especially if you’ve travelled a long way), leave time before or after your Open Day to wander into town and get a feel for your surroundings. Visit the beach, have a walk through the high street, pop into a café or an art gallery. Remember that your university experience doesn’t just take place on campus! Personally, I was really drawn to the creative community in Falmouth and the beachside setting was a great perk for me as someone who grew up in a coastal town and loves the sea.  

If you get home and realise that you’ve forgotten to ask a question, or there’s something that’s just crossed your mind, don’t panic! You can always hop online and use our Ask a Student service to chat to someone, who is currently studying your subject or can help with your particular question. 

We look forward to seeing you on campus soon! 

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