Your guide to Clearing at Falmouth University

Your guide to Clearing at Falmouth University - 2023

Film graduate Louis joined Falmouth through Clearing. Now he's here to share his experiences and help you through the process.

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So you’re thinking about applying through Clearing? My name is Louis and I joined Falmouth University through Clearing! I’m gonna tell you all you need to know...

Clearing is for you if you want to come to Falmouth in September but, for whatever reason, you don’t hold a place yet. Applying to Falmouth through Clearing is easy! 

Step one: Call Falmouth’s Clearing hotline. Or, you can get in touch using the Clearing form and a Course Advisor will get back to you.

And that's it!

During the application process you’ll get to speak to a friendly Course Advisor, who’ll let you know if there’s any places on the courses you’re applying for and whether you meet the entry requirements. They’ll then support you right through the process up until you enrol. 

What happens next depends on the course you’re applying for. You may need to send in a performance or portfolio, or some of the course team might want to have a little chat with you. Your Advisor will take you through all of this, when the time comes. Once you’ve accepted an offer, you’ll then be able to apply for any available university accommodation

 I called the team up and they gave me the place within the same day, which was great!

I applied through Clearing because I didn’t have anywhere else to go. I wanted to go to a great university to study film but it was easy to feel the ship had sailed on my place. Little did I know that it was as simple as a phone call. I called the team up and they gave me the place within the same day, which was great!

I then accepted the place and, through one step after another, I applied for university accommodation. Everything was sorted, in time for September!

I’ve been able to have some wonderful experiences. I’ve met some fantastic people and worked on some great projects… all through the ease of Clearing!


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Clearing opens on 5 July

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