Why I chose to stay in Cornwall for university

02 May 2024

Student on cliffs
Student on cliffs
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This article was written by Musical Theatre BA(Hons) student Ethan.

Deciding whether or not to leave Cornwall for university can be a tough decision, especially if you have friends who have chosen to move elsewhere. However, staying does have its benefits. Here are the main reasons why I decided to stay in Cornwall for my university degree.

1 - Saving Money and Secure Accommodation

The first reason I decided to stay was to help save money and maintain secure accommodation. Cornwall has a lower than average cost of living compared to some major cities in the UK, so rent is considerably cheaper here - even for student accommodation. I have lived independently in my current flat 30 minutes from campus since 2020, which has meant that I've been able to avoid the stress of trying to find student accommodation at the same time as hundreds of other students or end up living somewhere that costs more than what I currently pay. Also, having cheaper bills has allowed me to have an easier time budgeting my student loan, meaning I can afford the occasional trip out with friends.

2 - The Location

Of course, the location contributed to my decision to stay in Cornwall. Being home to some of the most stunning beaches, parks and gardens in the country, there's an abundance of beautiful spots to spend a relaxing day. My personal favourite is a day at the beach with a good book. And with plenty of bus and train routes, it makes it incredibly easy to travel from coast to coast and everywhere in between. There are also plenty of quaint coffee shops to explore, which make for the perfect location to get work done without being stuck at home.

3 - Creativity and Collaboration at University

An essential factor in my choice to stay was wanting to study at a creative university with opportunities for collaboration and Falmouth offers just that! As a university full of creative degrees, there are many opportunities to work with people outside your course. Film and Television students often look for Actors in their projects, Fashion and Costume Design students seek models to present their work, and Photography students frequently take headshots for AMATA students. There are so many ways you can get involved with projects by other students! Not to mention, there are a large number of clubs and societies available that allow you to meet and work with people from across the university.

4 - Falmouth's Class Sizes

Class sizes were another reason I chose to stay in Cornwall for university. Many courses across Falmouth offer smaller class sizes, meaning students are more likely to receive personalised feedback more frequently than they would in a large class. When lecturers have fewer students to teach in classes, it's much easier to provide the specific feedback students need to progress and improve in their studies - this also allows students to build better relationships with staff. This was absolutely the right decision for me, as I have been able to create great working relationships with my lecturers and receive the personalised feedback that I needed to improve and better my skills throughout this year, ready for me to progress to second year.

Overall, with beautiful locations, cheaper living costs and a university that provides plenty of collaborative opportunities & the ability to build close working relationships with teaching staff, there are plenty of reasons why staying in Cornwall for university can be a good idea.

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