Studying at Falmouth University as an international student

07 May 2024

The AMATA Arts Centre building on a sunny day
ArtsCentre AMATA Building Holding Image Summer 2024
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This article was written by Musical Theatre BA(Hons) student Ameni.

After being here for nine months I have no doubt and I can confidently say that I study in the most beautiful, peaceful place.

Hi, my name is Ameni and I am a first year Musical Theatre student. I chose to study Musical Theatre at Falmouth University, because of its outstanding course layout, but also because of its location, surrounded by beautiful beaches with vibrant nature and greenery. 

One thing that made the Musical Theatre course stand out from others around Europe, was that many and most of our tutors are still practising in the industry. This was a major green flag to me, as it shows their ability to keep learning and growing not only as performers, but as teachers. 

The AMATA (Academy of Music and Theatre Arts) is the most creatively resonant community I have ever stepped foot in. As you walk through its corridors there are students rehearsing dance routines, acting pieces, musical instruments and vocals freely and confidently. The raw talent I have seen in AMATA has blown my mind and made me extremely grateful to be in such an artistically explosive environment with the kindest, most knowledgeable teachers.

As an international student from South Africa, I was worried about not fitting in. I soon came to realise that everyone in the building is extremely supportive of each other. On multiple occasions, I’ve seen individuals going out of their way to help their peers with academic creative works. Not only is the environment here extremely nurturing, but they also cater to students with physical and emotional needs, making each course suitable and inclusive to everyone.  

As Falmouth University students, we receive weekly emails on new collaborative opportunities to help build our portfolios, repertoire, experience, knowledge, skills and connections. In my first year, I have had the privilege of taking part in three student films & two voice acting films for Animation students and I have made my first music video with Film and digital media students, I have also collaborated on a few photo shoots with Photography students and had the opportunity to dip my toes into the Fashion Design faculty! You can do the same!

The opportunities here are honestly endless despite your age, background or ability. In my experience, Cornwall has treated me well with open arms, being a very colourfully sound place to be living in, with such a warm and loving community. I wouldn’t choose anywhere else to study!

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