Living in a Shared Room in Glasney Student Village

20 March 2024

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Glasney village exterior
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This article was written by Fashion Design BA(Hons) student Lillian.

If you have started to get offers from unis and are choosing your firm and insurance choices, you are likely also starting to explore accommodation choices. Falmouth University has quite a few options for student accommodation which you can view here.

The biggest accommodation is one called Glasney Student Village and it is located conveniently on the Penryn Campus, which is about 15-20 minutes, by bus, from Falmouth. The Glasney Student Village has two types of rooms. The first is a non-shared room which has a double bed, a desk and an en-suite bathroom. The second option is a shared room with two single beds, which are easily converted into two desks and an en-suite bathroom. The latter is the type of room that I live in now. If you would like to see videos and pictures of the rooms to get a better feel for the space, please find them here

Looking into accommodation can be quite an overwhelming decision and people will often dismiss the idea of a shared room without much thought; I am here to tell you to give it a chance! 

I understand that sharing a room is not for everyone, but it has been one of the best parts of my uni experience so far. Moving to uni can be so nerve-wracking and I spent the week before moving in equal parts nervous and excited, knowing I was about to meet the person who would be my roommate for the year. Little did I know that my roommate would be an amazing, sweet and friendly person, who I am now so glad to be living with. Falmouth University is truly unique in offering the chance to have a shared room; I think it would be a waste of an opportunity to not take a chance on shared living.

One of the best parts of sharing a room, in my experience, was that I had a friend already built in for all of the things I wanted to do in the first couple weeks. My roommate was my go-to person for anything I wanted to do, from going to the beach or gym, to going to a society taster session. Of course, you will have other flatmates you can reach out to for these types of things and I recommend doing as many activities as you can with your flatmates, to help you all get to know each other and make settling in easier. You will likely build strong friendships with your flatmates, but living in a shared room definitely creates a special sort of bond between roommates. I have found sharing a room to be a very social experience. Because there are two of us, my other flatmates are always hanging out in our room; we watch movies all together, get ready for nights out together and occasionally all sit around the floor and do our work together. 

In addition to the positive social aspects, I think living in a shared room has helped me grow as a person. It has helped my communication skills and taught me how to set healthy boundaries, which is vital when sharing a room with someone and definitely something everyone should learn.

Another positive aspect of living in a shared room is that it will be cheaper! Most people are worried about money when coming to uni and choosing the shared living option is a guaranteed way to save some money every term. This gives you a little bit of extra wiggle room when it comes to the fun things like nights out, beach trips, society trips etc. Please click here for broken down room prices including pricing for the catered versus self-catered options.

Overall, sharing a room has done nothing but elevate my university experience and I hope you will consider it when applying for your own accommodation. I also encourage you to reach out to Falmouth’s Accommodation Team if you have any questions; they can be reached by emailing or by calling +44(0) 1326 253639.

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