Clearing 2024: Your questions answered

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Students at Penryn Campus
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Are you still thinking of applying to join Falmouth University through Clearing 2024? We’re here to help you make your decision. Below you’ll find answers to your most asked questions. And if you have any other queries, you can chat online to our current students or call our Applicant Services team on +44 (0)1326 213730


Clearing application questions

Will I need to make a portfolio and/or have an interview? 

If you’re applying through Clearing, you won’t be asked to attend a formal interview. However, a lecturer might want to have an informal call with you to make sure the course is right for you. This will all be explained when you call the Clearing hotline.  

Clearing applicants for some of our courses will still need to provide a digital portfolio, if the course you're applying for states ‘portfolio’ as an application requirement (such as our art and design courses). You can check your course here.  

Do you still have university accommodation available? 

Yes. We do have a limited amount of student accommodation available. Click below to find out more about how to apply as a Clearing applicant.

Clearing accommodation information 

Do I need a confirmed place before I can apply for a tuition fee loan? 

No. To apply for Student Finance you just need to know the name of the course you’re applying for, and you can always change your application if you need to.

If you’re planning to apply for a course starting this September, it’s worth getting your Student Finance application in as soon as possible to reduce the delays in receiving your payments.

Student Finance advice for Clearing applicants

How can I connect with students before I move to Falmouth? 

Once you’ve applied and been accepted, you can join other applicants on Discord. This is a great way to connect with other future Falmouth students before moving to university!

You can also search Instagram or Discord to find student-created accommodation groups and meet other people on your course or staying in the same halls. (These groups aren’t managed by the University.)  

Clearing student life questions

I’m worried about money. Are there opportunities for part time work on or off campus? 

Falmouth is both a vibrant student town and busy tourist destination, so there are plenty of opportunities to find part time work in the local area. You can search for vacancies on job sites or contact Falmouth’s Employability Service for support when you arrive.  

You can also get regular work with the University by becoming a Student Ambassador or mentor. You’ll get paid to provide support at events like Open Days, chat to prospective students online or create content with our marketing and social media teams to show future students what life at Falmouth is really like! 

Go to our Money Matters hub

Will I be able to get around Cornwall on public transport? 

Yes! You can currently travel anywhere in Cornwall by bus for just £2 for a single or £5 for an unlimited travel day ticket. There are also three train stations in Falmouth and one in Penryn, which will get you to our nearest city, Truro, in less than 20 minutes. As Truro is a mainline station, you can change there for adventures further afield.  

Newquay Airport also offers national and international flights, and there are buses and trains running between Falmouth and Newquay, though these are not direct.  

What is the nightlife in Falmouth like? 

Our creative community on the coast enjoys a vibrant nightlife, with the high street buzzing with activity. From quirky pubs to underground bars and lively nightclubs, check out our top places for nightlife in Falmouth in our Guide to Falmouth Nightlife.  

Guide to Falmouth Nightlife

Is there support available for new students? 

We take student support very seriously. Whether you’re looking for academic, mental health or personal support, our Student Support team are always here to help. Head to our Student Support hub to see all the types of support that are available to our students.  

We also have a dedicated team of Student Mentors who will be assigned to you when you join the University. They are your go-to for getting settled in at university and making sure you know where to go and who to turn to when you need help. 

Connect with Student Mentors on Discord

When does Freshers Week start? 

You can find all the information about what’s happening on the Students’ Union website.

However, if you join after Welcome Week, there will still be lots of opportunities to meet other students and explore the area, so don’t worry about missing out.  

What is the weather like in Cornwall? 

Today it’s 22 degrees and sunny. It’s a classic late Cornish summer and there really is nothing better. In the winter, the weather can get pretty...epic. Bring your raincoats ready for a stormy coastal walk that’ll knock the deadline stress right out of you.

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