Becoming a student ambassador at Falmouth

04 September 2023

Student ambassadors during an Open Day
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This piece was written by Sustainable Product Design BA(Hons) student Rhiannon about her experiences of becoming a student ambassador at Falmouth.

Joining university isn’t just about attending lectures and getting a degree. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in a diverse and enriching environment that helps you to shape your future. One amazing way to enhance this experience is by joining our student ambassador team. This role offers a myriad of benefits, from flexible work schedules to personal growth that extends far beyond your job role. Becoming a student ambassador could just be the ideal job for you. 

Flexibility and variety

One of my favourite things about my job as a student ambassador is the flexibility and variety I have when it comes to job opportunities. The student ambassador team truly understand the need to shape shifts around my studies and life at university. I am able to apply to shifts that suit my schedule, from Campus Tours that may last an hour to full Open Days. I can be largely in control of my schedule and the work I choose to take on. 

The student ambassador scheme also allows me to work a wide variety of roles, which enrich my learning. I love knowing that there will always be something different when I come to work and I always feel comfortable knowing that I will be fully briefed and supported by my team when trying new things and developing new skills. So far as an ambassador, I have led Campus Tours, been a part of Open Days, visited schools and activity sites, run workshops, created digital content and even golf buggy raced Dawn French! 

Diversity and inclusivity

Something that I have found to be really rewarding becoming a student ambassador is the chance to work with a team that values inclusivity and is open-minded. The individuals who take on the role come from a range of backgrounds that reflect the student body of Falmouth, which creates a dynamic and welcoming environment. Being able to come to work and feel accepted, respected and seen for who I am makes all the difference to being able to put my best self forwards in my working day.

The student ambassador scheme also runs a Widening Participation team, which I am fortunate to be a part of. In this role, ambassadors are particularly focused on helping individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds access university. Being a part of this role for someone who is LGBTQ+ and disabled has really helped to boost my confidence in advocating for myself and others. Being able to raise others up in my job role is incredibly rewarding. 

Developing skills and building connections

The ambassador team is a group that really focuses on building up their staff. The wide range of shifts opens up the ability to develop a range of skills that will be applicable to any future job. One thing I have noticed since joining the scheme is how much I have grown in my confidence. From starting out on Open Days and being encouraged to interact with visitors on the desk, to now confidently leading my team and standing on stages to give talks, assemblies, or presentations, I can clearly see the impact the role has had on my personal growth. The role has also taught me excellent time management skills, team working and communication which I can easily showcase on my CV. 

During my role as a student ambassador, I have also had the opportunity to take on further responsibility. By becoming a senior ambassador, I have learnt valuable leadership skills and had the chance to train as a fire warden and get qualified as a first aider. Becoming a widening participation ambassador has taught me empathy & how to give back and becoming a digital content creation ambassador has taught me how to communicate, interact professionally, advertise and market for myself and others. 

Being able to evidence these skills has allowed me to access a wider range of job opportunities and internships at university, as well as meeting new people who open up opportunities to collaborate among a wider variety of creatives across the university and beyond. My role as a student ambassador has truly bettered my university experience and hopefully it will yours too! 

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