Is Online Study for Me?

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At Falmouth, we believe there’s creativity in everything, and everyone.

The creative culture at our core is not confined to our Cornwall campuses; with our online degrees, you can explore your creative potential, your way.  

Why choose online study?

Studying an online degree is a great way to access education if moving to university isn’t right for you.

For some students, the flexibility of online study means they can balance it with work, family life, location and personal commitments. For others, studying from home may better suit their learning style. 

Read on to discover more about online study, and how it might be just what you're looking for. 

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New online student

Debunking the myths surrounding online study

We debunk five common myths surrounding online study and explore how an online degree from Falmouth could be the right choice for you.

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What support will I get?

Online students at Falmouth have access to multiple forms of support during their time studying to help them make the most of their online learning experience.  

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Falmouth staff at table

Online Learning Support

You'll have access to a range of support throughout your studies with us to help you thrive and deve...

Online Learning Support
Graphic Design group of students around table
Graphic Design group of students around table

Online Learning Community

Discover more from our online learning community.

Online Learning Community
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Interior Design online 2024

Parents & Carers Guide to Online Study

See how you can support a student considering an online degree at Falmouth.  

Parents & Carers Guide to Online Study

How does it work?

Our online degrees have all been designed from the outset to be taught online. Advanced research underpins their design, and they're delivered through Learn, a bespoke virtual learning environment.

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BA Creative Writing (Online) students meeting each other for the first time
BA Creative Writing (Online) students meeting each other for the first time

Creative Writing BA(Hons) (Online) in-person event © Ellie Hope / © Mayn Creative

In-Person Events

As an online student at Falmouth, you’ll have the opportunity to attend in-person events throughou...

In-Person Events
Graduation Reportage 2016-24
Graduation 2016

Graduation for Online Students

Discover all you need to know about graduation for online students. 

Graduation for Online Students

Can I study while working?

Our flexible study options mean you can find a balance between studying and working that suits you. 

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What if I don't meet the entry requirements?

If you have been away from education for a while or have a non-standard educational background, you may still be able to apply to our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Find out more below. 

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After you apply header

Applying with an Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

Depending on the course you want to study, you can apply with an Accreditation of Prior Learning (AP...

Applying with an Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)
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Students working in Fox cafe

Apply for an Online Degree

Find out how to apply for our online undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses.

Apply for an Online Degree

What funding can I get?

The tuition fees and funding for online study are different to those for on-campus study, and there are several ways you can fund your studies. 

Explore funding options
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How can I prepare for online study?

We know there's a lot to think about before starting online study. Thankfully there are lots of ways to prepare, from exploring the different resources and websites you’ll need during your time studying, to details of where to get support.

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Frequently asked questions

The design of our online undergraduate degrees at Falmouth means you can access your course content anytime, anywhere, and you can choose to study part-time, making it possible for you to study while working. 

For our Undergraduate degrees, we generally recommend 27 - 33 hours of study per week for our part-time degree, or 40 - 50 for the full-time programme. Post graduate degrees require a commitment of 20-25 hours per week, This depends on your individual learning style and ability. The important thing to remember is that you can complete these hours at a time that suits you; all lectures are recorded and can be replayed at any time, so can fit around working commitments.

All our online undergraduate degrees are accelerated degrees.

An accelerated degree condenses the modules of a traditional undergraduate degree into two years if you study full-time, or three years if you study part-time. That means you'll be working across three study blocks per year, with shorter breaks between each study block rather than a traditional long break over summer. 

Accelerated degrees are a great way to fast-track your studies, progress faster and be ready to join the workplace sooner, while usually saving money on tuition fees and living costs.

All our online postgraduate degrees are part-time, and not accelerated. 

Falmouth’s online degrees have all been designed from the outset to be taught online.  

Advanced learning research underpins their design, and they're delivered through a bespoke virtual learning environment, known as Learn - a platform which has been crafted specifically for online tuition.  

Course materials are released via the virtual learning environment at the end of each week, allowing time to plan your studies for the week ahead. 

Teaching takes place through lectures from practicing professionals. Lectures are pre-recorded and re-watchable, so you won't have to worry about attending them live – it's like ‘learning on-demand’ to suit your schedule.

You will also have the opportunity to attend weekly webinars where you can connect with what's being taught, ask questions and collaborate. Webinars are recorded so you can engage with conversations even if you can't attend at the time they are scheduled.

Wellbeing, accessibility and employability are just some of the ways Falmouth students are supported throughout their time with us, and online students benefit from the same levels of support as on-campus students.  

Our Accessibility and Inclusive Learning team support and advise students with disabilities, health conditions and Specific Learning Differences (such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or ADHD).  You can access their support as soon as you have accepted your place, and can find their contact details and more information on the Accessibility and Inclusion study hub.

While you're studying, your Tutor will offer regular feedback on your work and be your first point of contact for any academic queries. You'll also have continual access to technical support, and a Student Advisor who'll be there to answer any general questions you have, help you to access academic and wellbeing support services (like our employability service, RealWORKS) and guide you through your student journey. 

Falmouth’s online degrees are validated and awarded in exactly the same way as those taught on campus, and online students graduate in the same in-person ceremonies as on-campus students. Your degree certificate will not say “online”. 

The difference with our online degrees is that they are designed from the outset to be taught online, by an award-winning team of Learning Designers. Advanced research underpins their design, and they're delivered through a bespoke virtual learning environment, known as Learn - a platform which has been crafted specifically for online tuition.  

You have the option to apply via UCAS or directly with us, depending on the course you choose and your level of education or professional experience. Find out the best way for you to apply for your chosen online degree.