You've accepted your offer - what next?

22 February 2024

Falmouth University MA Graphic Design students at a table
MA Graphic Design students at a table

This article was written by Musical Theatre BA(Hons) student Caitlin.

So, you have accepted your offer to Falmouth University and now you need to know what to do next. There are so many things to do to help prepare you for your university experience. This blog post will hopefully help you know what to do.

Start thinking about student life at Falmouth – we have over 150 societies and student groups to look at on the Students' Union website. Falmouth is a lovely area with the typical seaside town feel. We have coffee shops and shops, both well-known and locally-run. Take some time to look at the area and explore on Google maps.

Book onto an Applicant Day – this will give you the chance to meet your possible course mates, have another look around the campus and get involved in talks about the Integrated Foundation Year, Student Life & Living in Falmouth, and Employment. You will also get to experience your course and book an interview with lecturers from your course (if you're yet to have your interview). You can find out more by contacting

Explore Student Support services – the university provides multiple support services for students, such as academic, mental health & well-being, accessibility and more. You can find all the information about these services on the website. This gives you the chance to look at things in advance, if you may need them when you're here.

Start researching first year accommodation options – these are all available to look at on the website here. Although applications don’t open until the Spring, you can still look at them and find virtual tours of them on YouTube. This will give you a head start, being able to look at where you want to stay and ultimately help you make your decision.

Chat to current students and lecturers – if you have any questions about the location or student life, you can contact a current student through our ‘Ask our Community’ page. Similarly, if you have any questions about your course, you can ask lecturers questions to through the same page. This is really helpful if you are unsure and want to ask for advice from someone who is currently experiencing university.

Sign up to online events – the university hosts online advice events with many different themes to help you with your move to university. During these, you can ask questions and talk to people, who can give you advice and answer questions you have. These are very helpful if you can't come to the campus and visit yourself.

In my experience, I found that both the virtual and in-person experiences were a massive help to me and my family, due to living quite far away. The online events helped me understand a lot of the things that I was worried about in the transition from living at home to living on my own at university, without having to go to the campus. When I did go to campus, it was a stress-free visit, as I knew a lot of the information already and I was able to be prepared with questions and enjoy my day exploring the campus and location.

These are all things that I did in the months after accepting my offer and preparing to come to university. I didn’t do them specifically in this order (you can do them in any order and they will still help), but they all helped massively for me! I hope they will help you too as you transfer to university and settle in to life here at Falmouth.

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