Why I chose to study Animation

Animation BA(Hons) model of a bald man wearing large blue glasses
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I have always had a keen interest in films, animations and drawing. I’d find myself watching several movies/TV shows in a sitting and wonder how they did it. I was amazed how people could create new worlds, change the real world, make their imagination come to life as well as their drawings and I wanted to know how and do it myself.

This animation course has taught me so much and I now find myself watching these movies and shows knowing how they did it and more amazed and eager to do it myself and learn more.

After asking my classmates what made them interested in studying animation, they spoke of how they couldn’t settle on what they wanted to create. It was either wanting to make movies (edit, film the shots, create the VFX or record the foley/sound) or create drawings and models in 3D and this course allows you to try all of that. The only real limit is your imagination. If any of this interests you or you have a passion for any of these then animation is definitely a great degree to choose.

During my first year, I have learnt how to correctly use industry-standard equipment for film and animation. I can use high-quality cameras, lenses and sound equipment which are all used in the animation industry. I never thought I would touch this equipment before, and I’ve now made a minute-long movie. 

The only real limit is your imagination.

At Falmouth, I have been taught the fundamentals of animation and created several animations both 2D and 3D, under the watch of lecturers who have been or are currently in the industry. They’re so friendly and always willing to share stories and knowledge. We have had guest lecturers come in such as Peter Lord and many others, everyone is happy to talk, answer questions and help.

The animation and VFX industry is always changing and developing and so there is always something you can learn and it never gets boring! You are also never alone as it’s a teamwork-based industry (you will do some projects by yourself but can help each other out). You’re always surrounded by people who have similar interests and the same passion, all you have to do is ask and people will share. Learning from each other’s methods and techniques is a great way to discover new things.

The animation degree has a lot of different aspects, you don’t get bored and learn so much. It’s not just drawing repeatedly; it’s creating live action shots which you can create aspects in CG and throw in. You can learn to edit and add effect in ways such as using green screen elements, making your drawings come to life or your 3D models explode. It’s endless fun while learning.

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