Why I chose to study in Falmouth’s Games Academy

08 May 2024

Game Art student working at computer
Game Art student working at computer
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This article was written by Game Animation BA(Hons) student Sofia.

As an international student, diving into the university admission process in England was like stepping into a maze. I had no clue which universities offered what, how to find the perfect course, or even where to get insights from current students or graduates.

Then I found Falmouth University's website. There, I found detailed module descriptions and, best of all, got to check out students' work. Suddenly, I could visualize the projects I'd be challenged by, the software I'd be learning and what I could expect from my three years there.

Right from the start, Falmouth University had me hooked, especially the Games Academy. It's ranked in the top 17 Game Schools Worldwide by the Princeton Review; incredible student projects, a stunning location, a wide variety of student clubs to join in my free time and modules that sounded both fascinating and practical - it had it all. And then, on top of that, I got invited to an online interview with one of my future teachers. They gave me a vivid picture of what the course is, showed off their own cool projects and shared their passion for animation & games. That's when I decided to study Game Animation at Falmouth.

So, the Games Academy: it's a whole building that belongs just to games students. Imagine fast computers with dual monitors, motion capture suits, a 3D printer, modern pen displays and spaces where we can all collaborate on projects. It's like a creative playground! If you need any extra equipment, like a set of headphones or a Wacom tablet, you can book it online and pick it up straight away - it’s so easy.

The Games Academy is right on the edge of the rest of the Penryn Campus, but it's totally worth it. It only takes me about 5-7 minutes to walk from the campus shop, which is right at the heart of everything and next to a bus stop.

Most of our games courses are all about teamwork. You're working with students from different backgrounds, all pitching in to create your very first high-quality game together. It was stressful at first, meeting lots of people from other courses. We weren't sure if it would work. But that's what makes the Games Academy so special. Each team gets a supervisor, who's there to guide you through every step. Plus, we had a brilliant module on teamwork and management, where we learned tips and tricks for teamwork from big game companies. It's all about sharing ideas, giving & taking feedback and moving forward together.

At the same time, you are also working on your personal project. For example, in my second year I was able to decide whether I want to master my cinematic skills, use camera animations & direct a scene, or learn more about the game engines & animation cycles for games. All the games courses teach you all the necessary skills you need and, at the same time, they give you freedom to dive deeper into the area you are the most interested in. All the Games Academy staff and teachers have different work experiences, from small indie studios to massive game companies, so they know all the secrets of a successful portfolio.

I am grateful to my teachers and my fellow students for the experience I've had. The Games Academy is a great place to expand your imagination, learn new skills, meet new people who are passionate about the same things as you and, if I could turn the clock back, I would choose Falmouth’s Games Academy again and again.

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