Which student accommodation is right for me?

16 May 2024

Glasney student village aerial view
Glasney Student Village
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Applying for student accommodation? We’ve gathered insights from our students about their experience of living in a range of Falmouth University student accommodation. 

How to choose your student accommodation preferences 

Student Tarunya says the best way to choose your accommodation preferences is to “Write a checklist of what you imagine to be your new home.” 

“The basic questions I asked myself were Penryn or Falmouth? Shared or studio? Quiet or buzzing with energy? Cosy or spacious? How close to all amenities do I want to be? And then the big thing – what's my budget?” 

You’ll also want to consider any additional needs or requirements you might have. When you submit your student accommodation application, you’ll have the opportunity to tell us about these additional needs, which will be considered when rooms are allocated.   

Student experiences of living in Falmouth University accommodation

Glasney Student Village (Penryn)

Glasney Student Village: Single Occupancy

“Glasney Student Village is located within the grounds of Penryn Campus and accommodates both Falmouth and Exeter students. I really loved this mix as it gave me a great opportunity to meet people throughout the University and on a variety of different courses. 

“It’s also really close to a number of facilities such as a gym, cafes, bars, live event venues and a shop. This was super useful if you're anything like me and only remember you needed milk when you’ve already boiled your kettle!” 

- Ellie, Creative Events Management BA(Hons)

Kitchen/diner at Glasney Student Village

Glasney Student Village: Shared Room

“If it’s your first time living away from home and by yourself, it’s easy to feel a bit lonely sometimes. But in the shared room you will always have each other no matter how different you might be, it’s a bit like having a sibling. But let’s not forget the rest of your flatmates either who you’ll be sharing your kitchen with who will also be around. 

“Spoiler alert, I still lived with my roommate in second year, so it was definitely a positive experience for me!” 

- Dorka, Dance & Choreography BA(Hons)

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Single bedroom with desk at Tuke House halls of residence

Tuke House (Falmouth)

“The rooms in Tuke House were the cheapest when I was applying, and they were also probably the smallest. I didn’t want to be paying loads of money in rent in my first year, because I didn’t want any extra stress.  

“Tuke was exactly where I wanted to be. I loved that I could walk to the beach whenever I felt like it, and I never ran for the last bus after a night out. The people who I lived with became some lovely friends and although it was small, the space was mine.” 

- Hannah, Fine Art BA(Hons) 

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The Sidings (Penryn)

“The main factor that intrigued me about The Sidings was having the train station so close by. It was one of the first reasons these halls became my top accommodation preference, and it proved to live up to my expectations plus more, with regular trains running into Falmouth town or further afield into Truro, which was so handy. 

“Being based at the top of Penryn was also great as the town is so nearby. The pubs in Penryn are a great way to get out in the evening whilst still being close to home.” 

- Elena, Creative Events Management BA(Hons) 

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An empty university room, equipped with double bed and desk
A living room with sofas and chairs

Packsaddle Hill (Penryn)

“I chose to live in Packsaddle Hill mainly because of the size, as I was quite a shy person. With Packsaddle having only 124 students I felt like it would still have an active atmosphere, but I would be able to get to know everyone without feeling out of my depth. Also, the communal space at Packsaddle in both the lobby area and the flats was inviting which made me think that it would encourage me and my future housemates to spend time together.” 

- Abbie, Press & Editorial Photography BA(Hons) 

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Maritime Studios (Falmouth)

“Each studio has everything you need, a generous shower-room, washing machine inside your room, study, a decent kitchen with a mini fridge and microwave combi oven. Balcony with good views and the best sunsets in summer. Maritime Studios is the best place for people who want a quiet yet friendly space. It can truly make you feel at home, at least it did for me!” 

- Tarunya, Architecture MArch  

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Bedroom interior with double bed and plant

Armyn House (Falmouth)

Armyn House


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The View (Falmouth)

The View


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