How university helped to build my confidence

26 May 2023

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Confidence is something I’ve struggled with for most of my life. I was always the ‘shy kid’ in secondary school so after deciding to come to university, I really wanted to start trying to push myself to become a more outgoing person. 

Before starting university, I had never travelled far away from home so coming down to Cornwall from Coventry was such a huge change. I was surprised at how easy it was to meet like-minded people at Falmouth. I met my group of friends on the Falmouth University Discord server before beginning my Game Art degree and it was great because it meant I had a big group of people to meet on the first day of university. Then, later that night, we all went to a party in one of the student accommodation blocks; it was so fun because I had never experienced anything like that before. I don’t think I’ll forget that night and it was the first time I talked to some of the people who are now my closest friends. 

I genuinely think university is a great way to prepare for adult life

When it comes to first joining university, it’s important to remember that everyone is in the same situation as you. Falmouth is smaller than many other universities, so it has its own community which you quickly feel part of. You will often see the same people around, especially on your course, and it's fun to catch up and talk about your assignments with them. 

Moving away has really helped me to thrive as an individual. I love my parents, but I now realise that I enjoy the independence of living away from home, being able to choose what I want to eat and where to go! Moving away for university is something I never thought I could have dealt with, but it was surprisingly easy, and I genuinely think university is a great way to prepare for adult life. You still have the support of university staff and you’re also surrounded by people around your age who are in the same place, so it makes everything less daunting. 

My first year at Falmouth has also given me a chance to step out of my comfort zone. I have started doing new things like learning how to cook, going to the gym, going swimming and working as a Student Ambassador, which I never thought I would have the confidence to do. 

Additionally, the work on my Game Art course has been challenging but also really rewarding. I’ve learnt how to manage my time and juggle different assignments. I’ve found that seeing the result of finished projects is such a big self-esteem booster. Falmouth exhibits student work each year and it's really nice to see your pieces on display, as well as visit the exhibitions with friends to see what they’ve created. 

University has given me the chance to try new opportunities, it’s helped me to build the confidence to make decisions, meet new friends and try new experiences. 

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