Undergraduate Funding

How to fund your studies

Most UK students pay for university by:

  • Accessing funding from the government
  • Parental contributions
  • Working part-time
  • Receiving bursaries from the University and/or other sources

Please note:

  • If you have studied in higher education at any point in the past, your eligibility for funding may be affected. Please see the information on our page Previous HE study and check with Student Finance before enrolment.
  • Students from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland should visit the relevant page: Funding for Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland
  • Students from elsewhere in the EU should visit our EU Funding page.
  • Students from outside the EU should visit our International Funding & Scholarships page.

Summary of the main forms of funding

Government Funding

Typically, this might include a Tuition Fee Loan (UK and EU students) and a Maintenance Loan (UK students only), and these can be applied for from the spring before you enrol.

Parental Contribution

For students whose household income is over £25,000 and are therefore receiving less than the maximum support from Student Finance, it is expected that they will also receive some support from parents or partners with whom they usually permanently reside. It is a good idea to chat this through when planning your finances before coming to University.

Part-time work

Some students work part time in jobs at local bars, hotels and restaurants, usually paid at the minimum wage. We recommend that you do no more than 15 hours part-time work each week during term time to ensure that you are able to concentrate on your studies. Some students find work with chain stores at home before coming to University and then ask for a transfer to branches in Falmouth at the start of term. There is also work available over the summer months if you choose to stay in the area. Please visit our Career Hub for further details.

University Bursaries and Other Awards

Falmouth University offers a programme of bursary support to students who are assessed by Student Finance as having a qualifying income, and others with specific needs. Different arrangements are in place for different cohorts - please see the information opposite that relates to you. Further support is available from the University - see Placement Bursaries, Travel Bursaries and Hardship Fund for information.

There is also a wide range of support available from private trusts, charities and organisations. More information can be found on our dedicated page here: Private Awards & Other Funding.