Wosson Cornwall? New BBC Radio 4 sketch show produced by Falmouth lecturer

20 April 2023

An animation of a seagull wearing headphones with the text 'Wosson Cornwall' displayed on a yellow background
Wosson Cornwall

Stay tuned for new BBC Radio 4 comedy sketch show Wosson Cornwall?, produced by Comedy Writing lecturer Simon Nicholls and featuring Falmouth University Chancellor Dawn French as the first Cornish Prime Minister... 

The first of a new four-part sketch show celebrating contemporary Cornish life is to air on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday 25 April. Written by a roster of established and brand-new Cornish comedy talent – including material from some Cornish students on MA Comedy Writing (Online) Wosson Cornwall? will focus on Cornwall’s people and places as the basis for a universal and relatable comedy.  

The show stars an eclectic ensemble of Cornwall-based actors including Falmouth Chancellor Dawn French and Edward Rowe, star of BAFTA-winning film BAIT (written and directed by Mark Jenkin, Falmouth Distinguished Professor of Film Practice). 

Recorded in March in front of a live audience at the Acorn Theatre in Penzance, Wosson Cornwall?  has been produced by MA Comedy Writing (Online) course leader Simon Nicholls. Simon is a multi-award-winning TV and audio comedy producer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, he has championed and supported new comedy writing talent, which he has passionately continued to do at Falmouth since creating the master’s in 2020, which now has a community of over 100 students.  

On his involvement in Wosson Cornwall?, Simon commented: “Everyone loves Cornwall: beaches, pasties, surfing, clotted cream. But there's so much more to Kernow than that. It's high time we park the clichés and open our eyes to the reality of this wondrously funny and feral land; a place steeped in myths, witches and planning application notices.” 

He continued: "We're using Cornwall as the starting point for a comedy that will explore important widespread UK issues like unfair distribution of jobs and wealth, second homeownership, a continued disconnect with Westminster, entitled tourists looking down on locals and the realities of post-Brexit Britain. And - if there's time - which goes first, cream or jam.” 

Wosson Cornwall? will air on BBC Radio 4 at 6.30pm on Tuesday 25 April and at the same time on the following three Tuesdays. 


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