Student work celebrated at Falmouth Games Expo

30 June 2021

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Phuong New
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The Games Academy has brought the curtain down on a productive academic year with their annual celebration of student work: the Falmouth Games Expo.

Student game teams submitted projects for assessment by industry judges, who also gave talks throughout the day.

There’s been plenty for the Games Academy to raise a glass to in the last twelve months; students have spotted gaps in the market for innovative new games, been awarded development funding by industry talent spotters Tranzfuser and seen their department listed as one of the best places in the world to study games design in the Princeton Review.

It’s no surprise then to see an incredible diversity and quality of student work on display at the Falmouth Games Expo.

Nick Dixon, Senior Lecturer in Games at Falmouth, was blown away by the standard of the student projects. 

"Given the difficulties imposed on our students this year by the pandemic, the student teams have had to show a great deal of creativity and courage in order to complete their projects.
"It's been wonderful to see industry experts acknowledge the skills, talent and dedication of our students.
"Our students are the future of the games industry; hearing such kind words from leading figures in gaming should be a real confidence booster and demonstrate to them that they can make a real impact in this business."

The quality of submissions made for a difficult afternoon’s work for British video game journalist Mark Brown, who was tasked with handing out prizes to the finest student projects.

Mark has written for GamesRadar, Wired, The Escapist, Eurogamer and the Pocket Gamer before he established the Game Maker's Tookit (GMK) – a video game analysis series which has now racked up over one million subscribers on YouTube.

The GMK asks viewers to consider the design of the games that they play and to encourage developers to improve their craft, so Mark knows a clever piece of game design when he sees one.

Listed below are some of Mark’s favourite student projects. You can check out more of the student work on the Games Expo website, where you’ll also find the full range of speakers.


Slime Café

Long ago the gods blessed the world with holy fire.

Many years later, your village destroyed the flame, believing themselves better than the gods.

Now, the gods have punished them for their hubris.

In Ascent, you play as the last remaining pilgrim on a quest to relight your village’s sacred flame. Travel across the land, visiting 3 unique locations as you climb the holy mountain, encountering a flora and fauna inspired by a multitude of folklore from around the world.


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