Games Academy student spots gap in the market

15 February 2021

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Third year Game Development student Richard has launched an innovative new game on Steam: Stream Quest. The game is described by Richard as “a Twitch Chat-controlled role-playing game (RPG), designed for streamers to run alongside other games during breaks of longer streams or together with their viewers.” 

Director of the Games Academy, Dr Douglas Brown, believes that Richard has found a gap in the gaming market. “The game is very novel in that it’s designed to be played by a streamer’s audience during downtime – Richard has very intelligently found a niche that puts him ahead of the curve.”

Richard says the guidance of his lecturers has been crucial to his development. “I found my experiences on the course and the encouragement of my  instrumental in getting to this point. When new ideas are encouraged (even when we're not entirely sure how to grade them), rather than being told to stick to classic themes, I get to feel like I did today when I released my project on Steam; exhilarated and appreciated. It’s the most fun I’ve had in ages!” 

I found my experiences on the course and the encouragement of my lecturers instrumental.

It was such encouragement that allowed the development of Stream Quest to gather momentum. During his final year, Richard describes the project as “an odd little tech demo that got out of hand”. By the looks of the game’s impressive early following,  it seems its journey is only just beginning.

It's the most fun I've had in ages! 

Richard will continue to develop the game as a solo developer, which means that feedback will remain an enormously important part of his process. “As a game that is built entirely around being played by a streamer’s community, feedback is essential… I want to ensure the game stays relevant and engaging throughout.”

So, if you’re interested in gaming innovation, play Stream Quest now and let Richard know what you make of his work!


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