Film and Writing Lecturers Produce Collaborative Paper

11 June 2019

Rupert & Kingsley at Cremona conference
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It’s not just students that collaborate across departments and schools at Falmouth University; lecturers and professional staff often work together on collaborative projects.

Two lecturers, Kingsley Marshall, Head of Film in the School of Film & Television and Rupert Loydell, Senior Lecturer in the School of Writing & Journalism, are great examples of this. They have recently returned from a trip to Italy where they presented a joint paper.

The paper explores ‘sound and storytelling’ in Twin Peaks: The Return, which is the third series and continuation of the original Twin Peaks series produced in 1990, written by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The paper contemplates rhizomic storytelling, network narratives and the use of sound.

Rupert and Kingsley presented the paper at the 'Mapping Spaces, Sounding Places: Geographies of Sound in Audiovisual Media' conference in Cremona, Italy. 

Rupert described the conference: “It was held mostly in a beautiful old palace and included papers on cultural, ethnographical, historical, analytical, data-driven and aesthetic approaches to sound and music, as well as a concert of new music.” 

Following the paper’s successful reception, Rupert and Kingsley have been invited to submit a chapter for a new book that will take a deeper look at the TV series. 

A previous co-paper, Critical Essays on Twin Peaks: The Return (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019) is available for students and staff to read in the Falmouth University library.



Photo credit: Steve Whitford

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