Cultural Management & Production

Cultural Management & Production at Falmouth has a reputation for excellent teaching, innovative courses and for producing graduates equipped to excel in a highly competitive global marketplace.

We acknowledge the growing importance of production as a creative practice in its own right, working across the cultural and creative sectors. Our mission is to empower creative and entrepreneurial management practitioners to work locally, nationally and internationally, producing pioneering events and music, theatre and entertainment companies that add value to business and society.

At Falmouth we steer away from the traditional business-school approach, ensuring teaching and research in our courses - Creative Events Management and Music, Theatre & Entertainment Management - are integrated with our high-profile Performance Centre Public and Commercial Programme. Our broad, expanded understanding of performance sees creative production as involving any interaction of live bodies in real time, or virtual ones in digital spaces, and enables us to build on our existing success to deliver a unique and compelling education.

The unique quality and vibrancy of Cultural Management & Production at Falmouth; the University’s growing reputation for innovative research; and the interdisciplinary opportunities arising from collaborations between the Departments of Performance, Media, Writing, Art and Design, all make Falmouth an outstanding environment in which to study for a degree in Creative Events Management or Music, Theatre & Entertainment Management.

Each course offers you an opportunity to specialise in your area of interest, enabling you to develop your own tailored pathway towards your chosen career or postgraduate destination, whilst benefiting from interdisciplinary opportunities including shared cultural modules. Our professional learning environment provides transferable skills for a range of challenging yet enjoyable careers within and beyond the world of cultural management and production.