Why I chose to study a Business Course at Falmouth University

13 December 2023

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This piece was written by BSc(Hons) Business & Digital Marketing student Emily about her experiences of studying at Falmouth's Cornwall Business School.

Joining Cornwall Business School has truly transformed my university experience, exceeding my initial expectations. When I was applying for university, I wasn’t entirely sure about what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to go to university, but I wasn’t sure about where or what to study. The turning point came during my first visit to Falmouth University on an Open Day, where I attended 'course talks' with three different departments: Fashion, Communications, and Business.

It was during the Business course talk that I found my academic home for the next 3 years. The teaching staff seemed lovely, the course ticked all the right boxes and the teaching styles, as promised, turned out to be genuinely diverse and engaging. Also, the classroom environments proved to be very relaxing and inviting, so my productivity has been off the scale!

Each module in my course has provided real-world experience, involving collaborations with companies like Hub Box, a South-West burger chain. I have also conducted research interviews with industry professionals, maintaining valuable connections with them ever since. This is something I value incredibly from my time at Falmouth, because I have been gaining real experience in real industries, instead of just sitting behind a desk writing about theories all the time.

The lecturers encourage people to ‘do things for real’, so despite feeling out of my comfort zone the first time, presentations and pitching (for example) has become second nature to me now, especially in front of people I don’t know. Also, team working is crucial in the business industry and Falmouth University provides ample opportunities to practise this skill. I've been part of numerous teams throughout my course, significantly benefiting my overall skill set - a quality highly valued by employers in graduates.

The lecturers at Cornwall Business School (CBS) have extensive industry knowledge and a vast network of professional connections. If a question goes beyond their expertise, they connect students with their colleagues, who are experts in the field. Their networks open doors for students seeking guidance or additional skills, making the learning experience rich and resourceful.

Since beginning university, I launched my own marketing business, helping small businesses with their digital marketing needs. The lecturers have been incredibly supportive and motivating with fostering my interests in this field. The skills I have gained from the course have played a huge role in the success of my business and I can truly say that its thriving status comes from the support and skills gained during my studies.

On my course specifically, we delve into fascinating modules that teach a diverse set of skills, some of which you might not have initially considered essential to develop. These include skills such as: communication, collaboration, innovation, self-management, data understanding, problem-solving, effective leadership and project management. It's worth noting that these skills have proven to be extremely helpful in securing various work experience opportunities and clients for my own business. Without these abilities, my professional journey would not have been as successful as it is currently shaping out to be.

A big part of why I chose my business course at Falmouth is because it's recognised by Chartered bodies. Upon completing my degree, I'll receive a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership. Additionally, as a digital marketing student, I'll be accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (this might not mean much to you now, but these are valuable ‘qualifications’ that employers will love!). Cornwall Business School opens doors to various opportunities like these for students, something that I am hugely grateful for and I can honestly say that the commitment and support from lecturers goes beyond what I believe I would have found at any other university. The care they show for my academic and professional journey is truly exceptional.

I am now in my second year of the Business and Digital Marketing course; I can confidently say that choosing this path was undeniably the right decision. The skills that I have learnt, both from an academic and professional perspective, have proven to be invaluable. What truly sets this experience apart is the unwavering support and guidance offered by the lecturers, ensuring that we not only navigate, but fully comprehend the challenges presented to us. I am genuinely so happy with my academic and professional growth so far… and I have had so much fun doing it (yes… business can be fun!)

Overall, I'm so happy with my university and course choice! The valuable skills and opportunities I've gained are preparing me for a future in a wide range of corporate careers post-graduation. I couldn’t recommend Falmouth University and Cornwall Business School enough!

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