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02 May 2024

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This article was written by English with Creative Writing BA(Hons) student Darcy.

September is near and you may be starting to dream of your future uni room and everything to take with you. This blog shares some of my personal recommendations and insights when it comes to creating your ultimate Falmouth University packing list. Let’s get prepared…

Kitchen things:

Depending on your choice of accommodation, you may have to wait to see what you need for your kitchen. Most accommodations do provide you with a kettle, toaster and microwave, but hold on as some other things you may be able to buy collectively with your new flatmates. For example, you don’t necessarily need seven different saltshakers! Things I do suggest you bring are standard kitchen things such as… a cutlery set, large plate, small plate, frying pan, colander/sieve, chopping board, grater, peeler and a couple of bowls, baking trays, glasses and mugs and tea towels. Tupperware is also great to bring. You save so much money storing leftover, and this is an eco-friendly way to take your lunch into uni! A ‘Dishmatic’ sponge is also a life saver that makes washing up so much quicker and easier, as you don’t have to touch a soggy sponge. Try and avoid bringing about twenty mugs and sixteen knives & forks, because you won’t use them and they just take up space in a shared kitchen.


Decoration, decoration, decoration! Moving away from home can be daunting, so my advice is to make your room as cosy as possible – it’s your new space. Bring posters, framed photos, fairy lights, a cool lamp, a small rug, or some cushions. Remember, lots of accommodations don’t allow you to stick things up on walls, so double check beforehand or use command strips. Try not to bring every single possession you own, however! Leave some room to buy some Falmouth keepsakes and think about how much you can carry when you move in!

Bedding; including a duvet, duvet cover x 2, sheet x 2, pillow x 2, pillowcase x 2. Having 2 sets is great because shared laundry facilities mean you can’t always wash things when you want to and honestly the dryers take a while. So, you can put on a clean set of sheets while you wait. The same applies for bathmats, large towels and hand towels, so bring 2 of each. Speaking of laundry; bring a laundry basket! An extra thick mattress topper - not only will this make your bed extra comfy, but is also more hygienic (lots of people have slept on that same bed). Storage solutions, like under bed storage boxes and drawer separators maximise the space you have. You may want to bring some shower storage too. And of course, CLOTHES. Anything goes in Falmouth, so bring some casual things for day-to-day lectures and life, some ‘nicer’ clothes for going out if you fancy it and some comfy jogging bottoms for those lying in bed days. P.s. don’t forget hangers. A bedroom bin and toilet brush may be provided, so wait until you move in to purchase these.


  • Course-specific materials e.g. art materials or required reading
  • Your favourite card/board game to break the ice and have some fun with your new flatmates/friends
  • Berocca and Lemsip- Freshers flu is a killer and these work wonders when you get ill
  • Any tech like a laptop, chargers, and headphones
  • Important documents including cards, ID, passport, student finance letters etc.
  • A couple of bags - one suitable for uni and a smaller one for going out

Some Falmouth must-haves:

  • Swimming stuff and a wetsuit of course
  • A raincoat… the chance of Cornish rain is high so bring a raincoat please
  • Walking shoes/boots/trainers to conquer the Falmouth hills
  • Crocs are back in fashion – yay – so get yourself a pair and jazz them up with jibbitz - I imagine you won’t want to step in your communal kitchen barefoot by the end


Hopefully you can make a start to your personal uni packing list. As I said, a lot of these things may differ on your choice of accommodation/course, so this is just a general overview. And don’t feel the need to buy all this new - see what you can borrow from home or find second-hand, because the likelihood of leaving with the same cutlery you started with is small.

If you have any more specific questions feel free to reach out to me or any other ambassadors through the 'Ask a Student' tool!

Happy packing 😊

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