What it’s like to live in Maritime Studios

02 June 2023

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Maritime Studio 3
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This blog was written by Animation BA(Hons) student Karis, who shares her experience of living in Maritime Studios. 

Securing your student accommodation can seem overwhelming. But fear not, as I will lend you a helping hand. I will be introducing one of our student accommodations in Falmouth, where I spent my second year living - Maritime Studios.

I stayed in Glasney Student Village last year and loved my flat. However, I did realise that I wanted more privacy and to have my own space. Therefore, I chose Maritime Studios to stay in and although it was pricier than Glasney, I think it was totally worth it. 

Maritime Studios is located right next to Falmouth Docks train station and is a 20-minute walk from the Moor bus stop. Although my main campus is at Penryn Campus, I absolutely love living in Maritime Studios and would really love to stay. Regarding location, living in Falmouth means I’m close to all the events in town and can always hang out there during weekends with my friends. Despite being near town, it is down the road, thus with quieter surroundings and away from the businesses. Maritime Studios is also close to the beach and Pendennis Castle, which has a very scenic view along the way. If your campus is situated at Falmouth Campus, it is also only a 20–30-minute walk to campus, where you can access the university’s library and facilities.

Getting groceries is also fairly easy. There is a small SPAR nearby and a Tesco Express is 10 minutes’ walk away. Or, if you don’t mind walking a bit further away, there is a bigger Tesco Express at the Moor and a lot of other shops along the main street. You can even head over to the beach, where they have a Co-op.

The Maritime Studios team is also the nicest team I’ve ever met. They were willing to answer my questions as much as they can and help me out when there is a problem. They also have security on site 24/7. I remember texting them, as I couldn’t lock my window and they were the sweetest ever to come immediately and try and help me figure it out! Turns out, I just locked it the wrong way! Haha, silly me! 

Overall, what captivated me was the space, the privacy and the security Maritime Studios offers.

In the studio room that I had, there was a big bathroom with a shower and an open kitchen space with a microwave, hob and washing machine. I also had a really lovely view of the docks and watched seagulls soar across the sky. There is also a balcony for the rooms where you can sit out during sunny days and watch sunsets at dawn. 

Maritime Studios has a common room on the 5th floor with a little lounge area and a table tennis table. Sometimes the accommodation will hold parties and social events there giving out free pizza, so residents can get to know each other a little bit more. We are also allowed to access Ocean View, another private accommodation’s, facilities, where there is a gym room and a movie theatre to book out for residents!

There are of course, a few downsides. I think the downsides to this accommodation is, as it is next to the docks, you might hear ships at night, which sometimes can be frustrating, but completely depends which room you are allocated in. I also really wanted an oven in my kitchen, but they were not provided here. 

Overall, what captivated me was the space, the privacy and the security Maritime Studios offers. I spent a lot of my out of uni time with my friends and having little gatherings at my place, where we would cook something from where we are from! With the space, I would definitely recommend this accommodation to students, who can and would like to afford a little bit more. 

I hope this helps on knowing a bit more about Maritime Studios! If you have any further questions about choosing accommodation and deciding where to stay, feel free to send me a message and I will do my best to answer them. 

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