My in-person interview with Falmouth

04 December 2023

Term dates - penryn campus

This piece was written by BA(Hons) Textile Design student Megan about their experiences of attending an in-person interview at Falmouth.

Hi there – my name’s Megan, I’m currently in my third year studying Textile Design at Falmouth University. In this blog I’ll be telling you a little about my experience of having an in-person interview at Falmouth along with some tips that I hope are helpful for those of you, who are currently going through the application process!

One of the main reasons that I chose to have an in-person interview was because I hadn’t yet visited Falmouth or seen the campus – combining my interview date with a tour of the facilities was a great way to get a really good feel for what university life – as well as my specific course – was like! Making a fun day of it also calmed my pre-interview nerves. It’s completely normal to feel nervous before your interview - my best advice would be to prep as best as you can, so that you feel prepared and confident in what you’d like to say, as well as think of any questions you would like to ask.

There is a really great page on the University’s website that gives you course-specific ways you can prepare for your interview, which can be found using this link. This resource made it really clear as to the expectations of what I should bring along to my interview (in my case, a portfolio of work), as well as what sort of work I should include in my portfolio, course information I could read up on prior, what would happen in my interview and what a successful applicant looks like. Familiarising myself with this information really eased my nerves and looking through the course information was a great way for me to think of any questions I wanted to ask.

My experience on the day was a really positive one, which I remember well. My parents kindly drove me down and we made a nice day of it (despite the rain we had!). I was guided where to go by student ambassadors and I remember that my interview was much more informal than I was expecting – it felt like a lovely relaxed chat about my work. The enthusiasm from my lecturer and their passion and knowledge for the course was great – I had the opportunity to ask any questions I had about the course too, which I found really helpful in my university decision-making.

I actually mentioned in my interview that I’d chatted to one of the Textile Design students via the Ask a Student tool on Falmouth’s website – it’s a great tool if you don’t already know about it, where you can ask current students lots of different courses questions about their student experience.

My interviewer was then able to take me to meet that student in the studio – it was a lovely way to finish the interview experience, as I was able to meet quite a few of the third year Textile Design Students, who showed me some of their current work and gave me a great student perspective as to what the course was like! The rest of the day was spent exploring the campus as well as Falmouth Town. This gave me a really nice idea as to what the area was like and what inspiration lay on the doorstep! 

I look back on my in-person interview as a really positive experience – chatting to the students and staff in the studio gave me a really good insight into university life and ultimately helped me with my confidence in choosing Falmouth as the right University for me.

Looking back, the best advice I would give to anyone would be to prepare as best as you can, take a deep breath and try your best not to worry and make sure to think of any questions you’d like to ask.

Wishing you all the best of luck with your application process!

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