Meet our online master's graduates

10 August 2023

Meet our online master's graduates

We met a few of our online master's graduates at this summer's ceremonies to find out what they loved about their time studying online...


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Hear from some of our online master's graduates, who travelled down to celebrate their achievements at this year's ceremonies. We asked them about why they chose to study online with Falmouth, what the highlight of their studies was, and what's next for them after graduation. 

“I knew Falmouth offered so many creative options and it's just the place for me!” – Jayne, Comedy Writing MA (Online)

“The course was amazing - it was a game changer for me!” – Sarah, Comedy Writing MA (Online) 

“The best part of studying at Falmouth was the community of practice that formed around our course; we would all chat together online, work together and collaborate, rate each other's games, play test each other's projects, and I've met a lot of wonderful, very skilled people which I hope to work with in the future!” – Nick, Indie Game Development MA (Online)

“I like that the course challenged me to do something new, and it was nice to be around some new people who all share the same kind of background as me and who have the same kind of ideas and interests.” – Elliot, Indie Game Development MA (Online)

“The best thing was just how committed a lot of the academics and the support staff have been; they were absolutely magnificent throughout the whole thing.” – Ben, Marketing and Digital Communications MA (Online)

“I got a job at a design agency when I was only one year into the course. Completing the course has helped me understand that I want to specialise in using UX design for good, and helping people through design, and so I want to find a job with a company that I'm morally aligned with.” Hannah, User Experience Design MA (Online)


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