How I picked up industry experience while studying

02 May 2024

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This article was written by Musical Theatre BA(Hons) student Caitlin.

Falmouth University is a great place to study if you want to get experience in the industry. The number of opportunities you can get are wide & varied and I will be outlining these in this post, along with links to more information for certain examples.

Firstly, all of the lecturers at Falmouth are industry professionals in some way, either having worked in the industry previously or currently working in the industry, alongside teaching lectures. For example, some of the Performing Arts lecturers teach at the Uni, as well as teaching classes outside of the uni, perhaps working as an assessor in dance schools or writing & producing productions. They have usually been working in the industry for some time before becoming lecturers. This gives you the advantage of hearing first-hand stories from the industry and getting advice on ways to break into the industry in the future. The lecturers are also able to give you feedback on assessments based on their experiences, which will help you to build on your skills and improve your work.

Secondly, there is loads of collaboration between courses. All it takes is a quick email to one of your lecturers explaining what you need for a project and asking them to spread the word - then your email will be sent to multiple lecturers, who will pass that on to their students to respond. This benefits everyone, as it gives students the opportunity to work together and make some amazing work. Some examples could be Performing Arts students asking for Photography students to take their head shots, or Photography students asking for Fashion students to design outfits for a photo shoot and then advertising generally around the uni for models.

Another thing that is offered at Falmouth is Professional Placement Year. Typically taken after the second year, the Professional Placement Year is an opportunity to work in a professional setting and build on things you have already learned on your course, in the real world. Most of the courses at Falmouth offer this opportunity and it is a great way to also get your name out there before you have even finished studying. The actual placement is up to you to find, however the Employability Team are there to help you find the right placement for you and help you to apply. You will also always be able to get in touch with an academic member of staff to make sure that you have support and that you are learning from your placement & reflecting on it.

Here at Falmouth, it is possible that you will meet people on other courses, who already work in your industry and may ask you to help them if you have experience in that area. For example, if you have experience in the technical aspects of theatre and you meet a Technical Theatre Arts student, who needs someone to help them with a job if somebody else has called in sick, they may ask you to fill in and help out! Falmouth is full of so many friendly people, so if you or if they need help, everyone is happy to join up and work together, giving you more experience in the industry.

These are just some of the ways you can find experience in the industry at the University and they are all definitely worth looking into. The experiences you can have at the University are incredible opportunities, that will help you out in so many ways and allow you to learn new skills and expand on skills you already have, to make your university experience more enriching & exciting! I hope this post has been informative and that it helps you to understand the experiences available as a student at Falmouth. 

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