Residential Support Scheme


The Residential Support Scheme is government funding available to students on the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design who meet all the following criteria:

  • Aged under 19 on 1 September in the year you start the course
  • Have no other level 3 qualifications
  • Do not have an equivalent course in Art & Design within an hour's journey by public transport from your home address
  • Have a gross household income of below approximately £30,993 per annum*

The scheme contributes towards the cost of accommodation, where it is not possible for you to live at home, and can provide funding up to approximately £3,458, dependent upon your level of household income. It won't necessarily cover the full cost of accommodation and certainly not all living expenses, so you'll need to consider how to fund the remainder of your costs.

How to apply

All applicants will need to complete the main RSS Application form. If you or other adults in your household are in receipt of state benefits, then you'll also need to complete the additional Section C form.

Data Protection

In order to assess eligibility for the Residential Support Scheme, the application form(s) need to collect information which identifies individuals (i.e. person data). As such, there is a legal requirement, under the Data Protection Act 1998, for Falmouth University to make applicants aware of how we intend to use this information. Key points which we need to make clear are:

  • The identity of the institution and its role in the Residential Support Scheme. The Education Funding Agency (EFA) requires Falmouth Universityto collate, and assess, applications for the Residential Support Scheme (RSS). This is done by using template forms, provided by the EFA.
  • The purpose(s) for which the institution intends to use personal data supplied by the applicant. Falmouth University is required to assess the household income and residency eligibility of applicants before then passing details of this assessment to the EFA.
  • Information about use of this personal data. We are required to share certain details with the EFA, who will check if an equivalent is available, then the application will be declined. The result of this assessment will be kept with the rest of the students' application. All such documentation is then stored securely.

Summary of the process


1. Student
  • The applicant completes the application form (including the additional Section C sheet, if appropriate) and submits it with evidence of earnings, to The Student Funding Team, Falmouth University, Woodlane, Falmouth, TR11 4RH.
2. Falmouth University
  • Falmouth University assesses the applicants eligibility on the grounds of household income and residency status.
  • An 'Eligibility Verification' form, summarising the application, is then sent to the Education Funding Agency (EFA) who will then do a formal check on the availability of equivalent training, local to your home address.
3. EFA
  • The EFA assess your application; specifically details on equivalent courses available locally to your home address.
  • They will then write to both the applicant and the university, confirming their decision.
4. Falmouth University
  • If successful, your award will be paid directly to the university in 3installments: Ordinarily, 50% in August, 25% in December and 25% in March.
  • If you are staying in university owned or managed accommodation (Tuke House for example) we then transfer this money directly to your rent.
  • If you are in private accommodation, the university will issue you with a cheque. It is then your responsibility to put this towards your rent.
5. Student
  • All students are responsible for informing us of any change in either their term-time address or any early withdrawal/intermission from the course.

Application Forms

Contact Us

All enquiries about the Residential Support Scheme should be directed to the Student Funding Team:

Tel: 01326 213744/255159