Routes to renewal in outpatient departments

A catalyst for change through autobiographical and transdisciplinary ethnography. This study aims to explore the lived experience of adults aged 18+ who have journeyed through outpatients’ services as an integral component of their care. 

Anna Mankee Williams RKE Project

Project details

Project lead Anna Mankee-Williams
Centre alignment January 2024
Start date July 2024
End date Centre for Arts & Health

Understanding the experiences of people as they journey through outpatients’ services is crucial for the health sector in enabling improvements.  

Increasingly we recognise the limitations of more traditional research methods in exploring and understanding the lived experience of patients. Arts-based research is gaining traction as a valuable approach in this arena. This recognition is surfacing the concept of agency within the complex context of health care improvement. We gain insight through the process of making, positioned within emotion, sensing, perception and reason.  

We will triangulate our insight optimising a mixed methods approach to contribute unseen and unheard insight to those charged with improving outpatient’s services.  

Project team

Anna Mankee-Williams black and white profile picture
Anna Mankee-Williams

Project lead - Anna Mankee-Williams

Anna is an Associate Professor in Arts and Health. Anna has 22 years’ experience in the health sector (RGN, RM, RHV,) Specialist Community Practitioner/Practice Educator, Public Health children's lead and 11 years’ experience in Local Government in senior roles including Head of Service Commissioning Performance and Improvement across children’s and adults services. Anna leads a number of research projects.

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Additional team members:

  • Kelly Stephens
  • Sally Burley

Funders & partners


The project received funding £13,817 from the RKE support scheme. 


Partners include the Southwest Outpatient Transformation Network Group and NHS England.