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Only the very best creative students are awarded coveted Pencil awards at D&AD New Blood, so with seven winning teams from Falmouth, we’re really celebrating this year!

Since 1962, D&AD (Design & Art Direction) has been inspiring a community of creative thinkers by finding and celebrating the finest in design and advertising.

Albert Lawrenson and Leila Hamid-Green, two third-year BA(Hons) Creative Advertising students, were one of the winning teams. They received a Pencil for the Adidas category.

Albert told us: “It felt amazing to win! It was a little surreal at first – it took both of us a few times to read back through the email and realise we’d done it!”

The campaign that won them the Adidas Pencil was titled ‘Her Three Lines’.

Leila explained: “Our campaign answers the problem that girls don’t see themselves with a future in sport and therefore drop out at twice the rate of boys. Our research [showed] that they sadly lose confidence in who they are and feel like they don’t belong in sport. We want to show girls that sport can be seen as a positive tool for their future.”

‘Her Three Lines’ focusses on the positive impact that sport can have on non-sports careers and professional development. Albert and Leila’s mock adverts use the strapline ‘She didn’t make it pro in sport, but sport made her professional’. They feature images of women in science, educational and business roles.

Lizzy Marshall and Sarah Price, two second-year BA(Hons) Creative Advertising students, won a Pencil for a campaign they created for Adobe and LADBible. 

Titled, ‘Swapping Criminality for Creativity’, the campaign combines Adobe’s creative platform with LADBible’s social platform, in order to “inspire change in the youths of the UK’s most deprived neighbourhoods”. 

Sarah explained: “We created The Fresh Shots Programme. This programme will give young adults and teenagers a chance to leave gang culture for good, and build a better future for themselves, by giving them the skills they need to tell their stories.” 

When asked how it felt to win, Lizzy said: “It took my breath away! I really couldn’t believe it, in only our second year practicing the art of advertising…we felt over the moon!”

Another second-year team, Sean Kirby from BA(Hons) Creative Advertising and Emil Dibble-Chwistek from BA(Hons) Graphic Design, won a Pencil for their work on a campaign for Microsoft Surface. 

Sean and Emil told us: “Winning felt surreal for a while. We’re told getting a pencil in third year is an achievement, so getting one in second year is amazing. We only entered as a little side project to our main work so weren’t expecting to win at all. We’re pretty chuffed!” 

The team explained their campaign: “Economic inequality is barring many young people from achieving their full potential. Create Opportunity is an initiative by Microsoft to give everyone access to the tools used by professionals so that any creative mind, no matter what background, can show the world what they are truly capable of.” 

‘Create Opportunity’ aims to help people from disadvantaged communities to create a professional portfolio of work, equalising access to industry tools and resources.

When asked what their favourite part of the project was, they said: “Being able to collaborate with someone on another course was very fun. It’s great to have the perspective of someone with a completely different skill set who can offer a viewpoint that you wouldn’t have thought about."

Second year students from BA(Hons) Creative Advertising, Camilla Frankish and Jessica Kielstra, won a Pencil for their Durex campaign, ‘Sex. Own It’.

The campaign repositioned Durex from “a loud lad brand” to a “current brand that empowers and speaks to women”, using bright designs to encourage female customers.

Camilla explained: “My favourite part of the project was all the conversations we had with people about condoms, sexual health and gender roles, which led us to our insights. Only 2% of women regularly carry a condom and current marketing is not aimed at them.”

Jessica agreed: “Also, not many women take a wallet with them on a night out anymore. Designing the new packaging to make condoms less ugly, designing and sewing a condom pocket that attaches to your bra was really good fun.”

When asked about their course, Camilla said: “The cool thing is that every time you get a new brief you get to delve in and learn about different topics and sectors you might have known nothing about. For example, now we are pseudo-experts on condoms, satellite launching, oats, water conservation and chilli sauce, to mention a few!"

Sam Rhodes and Charlotte Kelly, two third year BA(Hons) Creative Advertising students, won a Pencil for their campaign ‘#scrollgoals’, for the Adidas category.

Charlotte explained the concept behind their campaign: “With 50% of girls aged 14-17 abandoning sports, Adidas challenged us to get this demographic back into exercise. This generation of girls are not partaking in sports due to lack of self-confidence; a crisis caused by the ideals of social media. #scrollgoals combats these mental health issues by using the Adidas app to measure each girl’s personal on-screen weekly scrolling distance.”

She continued: “This distance is then physicalised and set as her personal exercise goal for the week ahead. As serotonin and endorphin levels rise, the girls will be updated on the positive effects exercise is having on their mental health. Adidas ambassadors partake in #scrollgoals, encouraging girls to join the #scrollgoals Squad.”

When asked what it felt like to win, Sam told us: “I think at the beginning we were just in shock. It’s something that as a creative you strive for in your career, so to have been awarded one was incredibly surreal. Now we are just excited to attend the awards ceremony, meet the other creatives and find out which type of Pencil we won!”

The full list of winning student teams:

BA(Hons) Creative Advertising:

David Fanner & Chiara Gericke 
‘Yes Starts with Durex’ (Durex) 

Jessica Kielstra & Camilla Frankish 
‘Sex. Own It.’ (Durex) 

Sarah Price & Lizzy Marshall 
‘Swapping Criminality for Creativity’ (Adobe & LADbible) 

Sean Kirby & Emil Dibble-Chwistek 
‘Create Opportunity’ (Microsoft Surface) 

Albert Lawrenson & Leila Hamid-Green 
‘Her Three Lines’ (Adidas) 

Sam Rhodes & Charlotte Kelly 
‘#scrollgoals’ (Adidas)


BA(Hons) Graphic Design

Dan Moggs (Adidas)

Melissa Williams (John Lewis)

David Horsler (The Times)

Harvey Robinson (Coutts)

Ellie Powell (John Lewis)

Matheo Delannoy (Virgin Atlantic)

Peter Heath and Estelle Carrington, two 2018 MA Creative Advertising graduates, were also awarded a Pencil award for their campaign ‘Find Us in the Makeup Aisle’ (Durex). 

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