Student Producing Documentary with Kernow King

11 December 2018

Ed Rowe documentary
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Joey Millward-Nicholls, second year Television student, is producing a behind-the-scenes documentary film about Ed Rowe (Kernow King) and his new play, Hireth.

An epic new theatre production, Hireth tells the untold story of Cornwall's forgotten war heroes and the unique impact they had on the First World War.

The performance recently took place in the World Heritage Methodist Church in St Just, which has historic links to the mining community in the surrounding area.

The documentary film uncovers how Ed Rowe developed the play from concept to script, and looks at all the practical challenges of transforming a chapel into a theatre.

Joey Millward-Nicholls, producer, explained: "I was looking for a new project to work on alongside my studies and was approached by MAYN to produce this film. Having never produced a film of this size, I was rather nervous, but I took up the challenge."

Gathering some of the best students from his course, Joey created a team to help him with the development of his ideas.

Joey added: "The project is running smoothly, which I credit to my amazing team."

With guidance from his assistant producer, Richard Evans, Joey developed a narrative for the film and worked from there. His role has included organising the shoots, preparing the correct interview questions for Ed Rowe and managing everyone involved in the production.

When talking about how the experience has complimented his studies, Joey said: "It has been a big learning curve. Projects like this are very important for developing the correct skill sets for the industry and are invaluable in portfolios to show future employers. I believe work experience is just as important as our course modules, if not more so."

Hireth, which closed at the end of November, was one of Ed Rowe's biggest writing projects to date. Typically known for his witty comedy writing, this was a new endeavour for him. Simon Harvey, Associate Lecturer on BA(Hons) Film, directed the performance.

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