Real-world journalism collaboration between Falmouth University and the Rory Peck Trust

18 November 2020

RPT Awards 2020 Finalists
SOC Journalism RPT Collaboration - RPT Awards 2020 Finalists
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Falmouth journalism students were invited by the Rory Peck Trust (RPT) to gain real-world experience by profiling the finalists in the Trust’s annual awards. The Rory Peck Trust is an independent body set up in memory of freelance video journalist Rory Peck who was killed while working in Moscow in 1993. It aids freelance journalists around the world and the Rory Peck Awards are some of the news industry’s most prestigious.

BA and MA Journalism students interviewed and wrote in-depth profiles on each of this year’s inspiring finalists. Having the opportunity to experience journalism in practice is of huge benefit to students and being able to explore the talent and experience of the award nominees and those involved with RPT is invaluable.

This year’s finalists reported from all over the world with films addressing issues such as disease, migration, oppression and war. The students’ profiles reveal some fascinating details about the finalists and explore the challenges they face in producing their work.

The profiles are available on the RPT website and will be shared on social media in the lead up to the award winners being announced on 24 November at the RPT Awards 2020 online ceremony.

Senior Lecturer Kate de Pury said, “This is an amazing opportunity. Thank you to the Rory Peck Trust for inviting our students to collaborate with them on such an important event, celebrating the best of freelance journalism.” Students studying foreign news with Lecturer Kevin Bishop who teaches on BA and MA Journalism courses at Falmouth also worked on the RPT profiles.

Students were equally delighted to be involved in this industry collaboration:

“It was a huge honour to profile Ahmer Khan’s powerful film ‘Defending Kashmir’ for the Rory Peck Trust Awards, and contribute – in some small way – to his journalistic mission to “tell stories that have meaning, said Emma Elobeid who is studying MA Journalism.

"Having the opportunity to speak to an experienced journalist who reported on a real story on the ground was inspiring and re-enforced the critical role mobile journalism has to play in helping audiences grasp the true context of issues facing people all over the world" said Natasha Bradford, also from MA Journalism.

“It was an enlightening experience working on the RPT profile, especially getting to interview freelance journalists who are experts in their field and to see their creative processes balanced with the practicalities of striving to create powerful, eye-opening documentaries for the world said MA Journalism’s Mel Lester.

Nadia Leigh-Hewitson from BA Journalism said : “Writing a profile on Robin Barnwell felt like being a mentee. He offered an insightful and astute look into the world of freelance journalism and the crucial support offered by foundations such as the Rory Peck Trust.”

“As a journalism student and an aspiring freelancer, the challenges that the current journalism ecosystem poses can sometimes seem very daunting. However, on occasions such as this one, where we had the chance to interview and discuss with incredible freelance journalists such as Alejandro (Bernal), it is very easy to be reminded as to why I chose this field of study and career. His work, other than being incredibly inspirational in terms of public service, also provides a clear example of the standards and quality I aspire to” said Chiara Fabbri, of MA Journalism

The Rory Peck Trust provides practical and financial support to freelance journalists and their families, assisting in times of crisis and helping them to work more safely and professionally.

The Rory Peck Awards aim to give freelance journalists the recognition they deserve, rewarding the most outstanding work produced each year and highlighting the significant contribution by freelancers to the international media industry.

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