Interview with 'King Henry' director and Film graduate, Harry Faint

06 June 2024

Interview with 'King Henry' director and Film graduate, Harry Faint

Hear from Harry Faint - BA Film and MA Film & Television alumni and director of 'King Henry', a short film focused on queer experiences of prom. 

Set in Cornwall in 2010, the film follows Henry, a 16-year-old gay teen, on prom night. 'King Henry' explores themes of queer identity, the toxic legacy of Section 28 and anxieties that remain around discussions, acceptance, and safety of queer identities within educational spaces.

The story is inspired by Harry’s own prom night, where he and his boyfriend were nominated as prom king and queen, and is a multiple award winner - including the Official Selection for Queer Vision 2024 and Official Selection for the Metropolis Film Festival so far. 

The film was directed by Film BA and Film & Television MA graduate Harry Faint and written by Natalys Willcox, Film & Television MA graduate. 

As a result of the success of King Henry, Harry has gone on to establish film production and storytelling collective, Fylm Ankoth, uncovering stories with a focus on authentic queer stories and narratives.

You can follow Fylm Ankoth, on Instagram - and keep up with their latest work.

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