Games Academy ranked alongside the best in the world

29 March 2022

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Falmouth University’s Games Academy has once again secured a place on the Princeton Review’s list of best places around the globe to study Game Design in 2022.

Falmouth’s prestigious listing ranks it alongside some of the biggest game design courses in the world, including New York University, University of Southern California and the Silicon Valley University. 

The Falmouth Games Academy was ranked 32 on the list, placed first in England and second for the UK.

The Princeton Review chose the list of 150 schools based on its 2021 survey of administrators at 150 institutions that offer game design courses, majors, or degree programmes. Administrators were asked to report on everything from the credentials of their faculty to the starting salaries of their graduates. In all, more than 40 survey data points were analysed to tally the rankings. 

The Games Academy was ranked 32 on the list, placed first in England and second for the UK.

"We enthusiastically recommend these schools to students considering a career in this burgeoning field,” said Rob Franek, The Princeton Review's Editor-in-Chief. "Every one of the schools has an outstanding game design program. Their faculties are first-rate, their facilities are state-of-the-art, and their alumni include many of the industry’s most successful artists, designers, developers, and entrepreneurs.”

Falmouth University’s Provost, Professor Eunice Ma said "It's an honour to be recognised in Princeton Review's 2022 list and we're excited that our Games Academy continues to grow and go from strength to strength.

“With new courses like our BA Esports launching this year, Falmouth University is at the forefront of nurturing the next generation of gaming talent. From developers and designers to broadcasting and production specialists, it's wonderful that our students' passion for the industry is gaining recognition across the globe."

And Director of the Games Academy, Dr Douglas Brown, added that “This is a boon for the creative, entrepreneurial talent thriving at the Games Academy; our community is part of a wider trend in our county which has seen our creative economy balloon to £2.73bn.

“With the games industry now outstripping the film industry in terms of economic value, and game development tools being co-opted for uses far beyond the traditional entertainment games world, we can expect to see more demand for designers, developers and creatives in order to meet the global demand for exciting, innovative games.”


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